Our Wedding Invitations

Finding the right wedding invitations for me, was one of the hardest things to sort out. As dramatic as it sounds, it’s been a bit like the dress, when you know you’ve got “the one” stop looking. Stationery is my thing, I love it, I used to design my own so I’m very passionate about creating a stationery suite that I love and am 100% happy with. Along our stationery journey, I have discovered a few great websites and shops which I wanted to share with you, and also the ones we finally settled on, our wedding invitations.

PIN IT!I searched the internet for weeks and weeks, most evenings on my iPad just scouring Pinterest and Etsy, trying to find the perfect invitations. I came across Papier which is a great invitation generator. You just select the design you like and then customise it to suit you. We used this site for our Save the Dates and were going to use them for the rest of our wedding stationery, however I changed my mind at the last minute. They have such a huge variety of designs, and they also offer gold foiling now as well.

I also ordered a sample from ConfettiDesignsCo on Etsy which was beautiful, simple card with goil foiling on the edges, this was our second choice if what we had didn’t work out. Etsy is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for wedding, so many amazing shops.

Our Wedding Invitations - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT!Our Wedding Invitations - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT!

Our Wedding Invitations - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT! PIN IT! PIN IT!So our wedding invitations are actually a little bit DIY in the sense that we assembled everything ourselves and got different bits from different suppliers. The invitation themselves are from Crum & Co, a UK Etsy store and Jo, the owner has been a dream to work with. So helpful throughout the entire process. We chose to have a white info card with a vellum overlay and RSVP envelope and regular card RSVP. We wanted something simple with a modern twist and I love them. The vellum overlay is my favourite part, it’s like a very thick smooth tracing paper and adds a simple modern touch.

PIN IT! PIN IT!Our Wedding Invitations - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT!The ribbon to fasten the suite together is the ribbon our cake maker, Abbie (Egg & Moo’s) uses for all her cakes. It’s a beautiful silk that’s more rustic and modern than your regular wedding silk, you’re supposed to iron it out but I love the crinkly loose effect it has as it comes. This silk is from Silk & Purl on Facebook or Instagram. I bought a roll myself and every single one won’t be the exact same shade as they are each hand-dyed. Because the small RSVP items kept slipping, we fastened the invitation suite together with a gold paperclip, gold is in our theme as well and I love how it looks.

I created the envelope addressing myself, vellum is hard to write on and I saw images on Pinterest of people creating a sticker overlay and I loved it, we also addressed our RSVP envelops in the same way. It looks so modern and simplistic. Because we loved how it looked we decided to address all of our envelopes the same. The wax seal on the back we also did ourselves. When I first approached Brent with the idea I thought he might decline but he excitedly said “Like Game of Thrones?” so it was a clear yes. I bought our Stamptitude wax seal stamp and sealing wax from Quill London.

PIN IT!PIN IT! Our Wedding Invitations - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT!Finally, the tags. I wanted to address each couple or family on the invitations that didn’t involve writing on the invitations themselves. Whilst having a play with how to pack them I imagined a tag hanging down written in calligraphy, and so started the journey to find someone who could achieve this for me. I found someone originally who said they could it, but emails back and fourth were few and far between and it was taking too long so I had to find someone else. I found Jacquie of White Olive Designs who sorted me out within two days and they took just two weeks to arrive. Jacquie was so accommodating and helpful and the tags look beautiful, exactly how I had imagined. Jacquie also sells beautiful wedding stationery, bespoke or from a collection, they are so beautiful.

I am so pleased with how they turned out. I set myself a budget as you can really get carried away with the stationery side of things, but I stayed just within mine and I couldn’t be happier.


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