The Wedding Shoes

When we first started planning our wedding I knew I wanted to go high end for my wedding shoes. I wanted a pair that were beautiful but comfortable and also not too high. Manolo Blahnik shoes are known for being super comfortable and suitable for long days on your feet. The moment I looked at a pair of Manolo’s, that was it, I couldn’t think of any other shoe. My mind was made up.

I wanted to write this post to share how I decided on my chosen shoes and also share a couple of other styles that I had looked at along the way. To me the shoes are nearly as important as the dress, and knowing I had to have them ready for my dress fittings, I felt a bit of a rush to find the right pair, but I have found them.

The Wedding Shoes - beauty and the chicPIN IT! The Wedding Shoes - beauty and the chicPIN IT!I love designer fashion, and to make our day even more special I wanted to walk down the isle in designer shoes, probably the only designer item I will ever own, so they mean a lot to me. The original pair I looked at were the Nadira style, beautiful white satin with sparkling leaf detailing. These have a 9cm heel and for me are a bit too high, so I started to look at the Hanigisi 70 instead, which by the way are just stunning in person. Off-white satin pumps with a Swarovski crystal front buckle, they are so beautiful and with a heel height of 7cm they would be perfect.

I then had to get off cloud 9 and be a bit more realistic, they were both pricey shoes and I just didn’t know if I could save enough in time. So I started to look elsewhere. I knew I wanted closed toe and simple, it was just a case of finding a suitable price. I first looked at Ted Baker as they have some beautiful shoes, however I own a pair of their heels and not only are they slightly too high at 9cm, they hurt so much up until recently, they need to be worn in a good few months. I didn’t want to risk it.

I found some beautiful Jimmy Choo’s, Romy 60 which are just simple elegant satin pumps with a heel height of 6cm. Only problem was that some people had said they were comfortable, others had said they weren’t so I wasn’t 100% sold on them. I then found the Manolo Blahnik BB 70, same shape at the Jimmy Choo’s, but suede and in a lovely nude shade.

The Wedding Shoes - beauty and the chicPIN IT! The Wedding Shoes - beauty and the chicPIN IT! The Wedding Shoes - beauty and the chicPIN IT!The Wedding Shoes - beauty and the chicPIN IT!I actually found mine on a site called Savannahs, through the shopping website Lyst. Savannahs is a luxury boutique based in Stockholm, and they were on sale, with one left in my size. I’m so pleased with the shoes I decided on, I can wear them again after the wedding which is a huge plus. Not your typical wedding shoe but they are still so beautiful and elegant. I can not wait to wear them. On the Manolo site it says to go half a size down from your size, but everywhere else says they are true to size. I ordered my size and they fit perfectly, so if you are looking at some Manolo’s, I would say stick to your size.

I also have a second pair of shoes for the wedding, these cute Kate Spade X Ked Sneakers, I found them on Pinterest and scoured the internet trying to find them, my friend searched stores in the US for me and then they finally became available over here a couple of months ago. I will be wearing these while I’m getting ready and maybe, if I do decide to change in the late evening of the reception I will, but I can tell you now, these gorgeous Manolo’s are not leaving my feet all day.

The Wedding Shoes - beauty and the chicPIN IT!The Wedding Shoes - beauty and the chicPIN IT!Where did you get or plan to get your wedding shoes from?

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