Our First Home Together

Brent, George and I moved into our first home together over a month ago now. This post is long overdue but I’ve been so busy with my shop that my blog as always has ended up taking a back seat. I thought I would finally share some snaps of our new home. I did quite a lot of room tours and shared the actual moving process on my Instagram stories and I got so many messages saying they loved seeing my tours, made me want to just vlog it all but I’m not a vlogger so….


PIN IT!PIN IT!PIN IT!If you didn’t know, when my brother moved abroad we moved in with my grandpa, two years ago now. To keep him company and help him around the house until my mum could sell her house and move in with him, we would then move out. After deciding to finally take the plunge and actually plan our wedding, we decided to stay with my grandpa and mum for a little longer, but that plan changed as well. The house next door became available so we wanted to get booked in for a viewing, living next door would be perfect for us. It turned out to not be that great at all so we didn’t go for a viewing after all. However just one potential viewing turned into us actually deciding to just move out sooner than planned.

We only went and viewed four properties in total and the one we chose was the fourth. I went to view it with my mum originally and as soon as I entered I just imagined us living there. Furniture just dropped into place in my head and I knew we wouldn’t find anything better. We had quite a list of what we wanted but since we weren’t in a hurry we could keep looking until we found¬†the one, that turned up a lot sooner than expected. This place was perfect, huge windows, lots of light, close to my grandpa still (roughly 5 minute walk) a parking space, big room for George, plenty of space for us all and an office for me, it’s everything we wanted and more.

PIN IT! PIN IT! PIN IT!PIN IT!PIN IT! PIN IT!PIN IT!We love every minute of living in our own place together. We thought George would be unsettled for a while but he was fine from the first night he stayed here. We all seemed to settle in straight away, it felt like “home” instantly. I go to my Grandad’s every morning and make him breakfast and he plays with George and then we spend the rest of the day at home or out and about. It’s so nice to have a routine that suits us all but mostly, we love coming home from a day out to own little space, it feels amazing.

I’m hoping to write a lot more interior orientated posts on my blog now. My interior interests have peaked and my blog seems to made an unintentional shift in that direction also. I won’t stop blogging about beauty but I just feel that interior posts will most definitely take over any fashion posts and it will be more of a mix of interior, beauty and lifestyle. I hope you like the change and let me know of any posts you want to see.

Now the big move is out the way, it’s time for our big day!



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