Chloé Nomade

I have always loved fragrance, growing up I had 40 different bottles at one point which I used to rotate on a daily basis. There’s something so luxurious about perfume and the scents you choose are very personal, I just love adding a new bottle to my collection every now and then. The latest fragrance to be added to my collection was Chloé Nomade*. I own a couple of Chloé perfumes already and every detail from the bottle to the scent itself is just so lovely. 

Housed in a simple rounded bottle with gold hardware and delicate pink ribbon, it’s simple yet elegant and stunning. I always find the simpler the better for perfume bottles. The shape and detailing really reminds me of the stunning Chloé Drew bags, a handbag I have lusted after for a while.


A woody fragrance with floral notes, my absolute favourite kind of scent, it’s deep and intense but still keeps it’s elegance and femininity with the light and fresh floral notes. With a top note of freesia, middle of mirabelle plum and base notes of oak moss it’s such a beautiful scent and has quickly become a favourite. It seems quite intense when you first spray it however after 10 minutes or so it’s settles in and just leaves such a lovely scent. It’s the perfect smell to wear during spring, I feel as though it will compliment the season so well.

PIN IT! PIN IT!So far I have loved every single Chloé fragrance that I have tried, there’s just something about the brand that almost makes me know their latest release will be just as beautiful as the last. If you get the chance, be sure to get yourself a sample or have a quick spray of this beautiful new fragrance. I promise you that Chloé Nomade will become a new favourite of yours too.

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