Easter With George

I have been so excited to arrange fun little activities for our first proper Easter with George. Last year he was just too young to understand anything or enjoy it properly but now he’s older I feel like it’s the ideal time to try some new, fun things and I wanted to share them with you. We’ve already bought him some bits, chocolate eggs and toys and Hallmark have supplied us with some other lovely treats too.

Hallmark* always have such lovely cards and this Easter is no different! You still have time to pick up some Easter cards for your loved ones as well. They have a lovely selection of cards, regular and pop-up, I particularly love the Disney themed card as it includes activities inside as well.

PIN IT!Easter With George - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT! Easter With George - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT! Easter With George - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT!

We’ve bought George a craft pack where he can make his own bunny and chick with felt and googly eyes. Whenever he chooses a magazine he always picks the one with craft items on the front so I’m hoping he will enjoy this. You could also just do painting and drawing in general but keeping it Easter related or have a set theme.


A few weeks ago I tried making cakes with George but he lost interest very quickly after I told him off for flicking flour around the kitchen – it was actually quite funny. When I saw Hallmark had included a cookie making kit we got straight to it. Such a fantastic little kit which includes the main ingredients, icing, sprinkles for decoration and even a bunny shaped cookie cutter. George actually loved making the cookies, because he could get tucked in with his hands instead of trying to show him how to do it with a spoon, he loved it. He did throw a load of mix into the air but I didn’t tell him off this time, he was really enjoying himself. The wonderfully shaped bunnies are his, I did all the decoration though, not my best work haha but it was fun. I’m planning on making more cookies on Easter Sunday as well, now we have a bunny cookie cutter, why not!



The most obvious activity but I honestly can’t wait to set this up for him Saturday night, I’ve never done an Easter egg hunt before. Not only did Hallmark supply us with cute little egg hunt cards, George now has a personalised bag to keep his eggs and we previously picked up a Kinder Surprise Easter egg hunt kit as well.

PIN IT!PIN IT!What will you be doing this Easter?
*The cards and most items shown were gifted by Hallmark for the purpose of this post. 


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