How I’ve Styled My Desk

It’s been a while since I shared my office space here on my blog and a lot has changed since I first shared my re-vamped space, so I thought it was time I posted about how I’ve styled my desk now. In terms of layout and even the items on my desk, it looks very different from when I first shared my Office Reveal back in May 2017. Desk’s and office spaces are my favourite to look at and search for on Pinterest, I just get so engrossed in all the beautiful, motivating spaces.

The biggest change is that I’ve added the Alex top to my desk and now have an iMac too. Although I liked how my desk looked beforehand, I still didn’t feel like it was complete, it wasn’t exactly how I wanted it to look and it felt cluttered. I like to have space to move and dump things and I make sure I tidy up as much as I can so that my space is ready and clean for the next day. If it’s cramped and messy it really creates a dent in my motivation.

I’ll have everything listed below and links to items if they are still available. I much prefer my space now. I wasn’t sure about adding the desk topper but the two extra drawers come in handy and I love that my iMac is elevated and at eye level now. I feel happy and content with how it is now, not too cluttered, a couple of decorative pieces and a couple of functional items as well, it’s a good mix of things.


IKEA Alex Add-On Unit.
IKEA Alex Desk.
Mary-Kate & Ashley Influence Book.
NEXT Faux Grass Plant.
Kate Spade Gold Pens.
Kate Spade Pastel Highlighters.
HAY Gold Scissors.
Oliver Bonas Gold & Marble Brush Holder.
Blush & Gold Wedding Planner.
Blush & Gold Fitness Planner.
Sainsbury’s Wire Board.
John Lewis Gold Desk Lamp.
Kate Spade Desk Calendar.
Kate Spade Bow Paperclips.

I’m hoping to write and film an entire office space tour but it’s just trying to find the time to do so. I always get a lot of questions about my office chair however it was from a secondhand store called ‘Furniture Oulet’ so I don’t think you’ll be able to find it again. I do have my eye on a new chair but wedding items are taking priority at the moment! I’ve spent months trying to find the right style grass plant to sit on my desk and this one really finishes things off perfectly.

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