Moving Forward in 2018

Moving forward in 2018, what will the year bring? 2017 seemed to flash by but it was a fun, and mostly uneventful year. I always say to Brent how I feel like I’m wasting my life, I have so much I want to do, so many plans and places to visit and 2018 will be the start of trying to make these things happen, trying to live in the moment. 2017 sailed by in a blink of an eye, the highlights being our first family holiday to Centre Parcs in June, passing my driving test and my brother’s beautiful wedding in the Philippines, a place I never thought I would go to. And my small business that has continued to grow and grow has been a huge highlight. So what does 2018 have in store?

Moving Forward in 2018 - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT!Before we get into that though I want to just have a quick recap on my biggest achievement last year. Passing my driving test. If you read my post ‘Learning To Drive‘ then you will know that I started learning at 17 and stopped and it’s technically taken me 10 years to pass. It’s something that has hung over me, it really got me down. One dream has always been to do a road trip but I always wanted to be able to drive part of the journey and it was holding me back. I felt like I couldn’t achieve other things because I hadn’t passed. I yearned for the freedom of being able to drive anywhere, I wanted to be able to actually drive on my road trips and have some independence. I wanted to be able to help drive my grandpa places and drive my mum to the hospital when she needed it. Finally passing my test was like a weight was lifted, the cloud that had been hanging over me finally vanished. I still remember the feeling when the examiner said I had passed, the little yelp that came out and the endless stream of happy tears. My examiner and most importantly, my brilliant instructor, honestly don’t know how happy they made me and how much they have changed my life. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Because I had longed to drive for so long I didn’t waste a minute. Two weeks after passing my test we went to Centre Parcs and I drove us all home, a two hour journey and on the M25 for the first time in my life. It was bloody stressful and so scary but I was doing what I had always wanted to do and it felt amazing.


Now onto my plans for 2018. We decided late last year that in order to just move out into our own space sooner we would just rent instead. So hopefully once Brent has come home from his business trip to India (sobs) in February we can start to plan moving out, on our own for the first time ever. He lived with his previous girlfriend for about 6 months, I however have never lived on my own. I never went to uni, I’ve always lived with a parent or grandparent and as much as I love it, I can not wait for my own space and a place to finally call our own. A place for George to enjoy and a place where we can spend some quality family time together, I’m so excited for that.

Moving Forward in 2018 - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT!GETTING MARRIED

We are actually getting married! A whirlwind of a decision. One minute we planned 2019, the next we decided on November 2018 instead, booked a venue viewing and started ordering invitation samples all in one week. We have a rough guest list down, we just need to tweak it for finished results and if the viewing goes well (I hope it’s everything I think it is) then a deposit will be paid and we will finally be getting our dream wedding. Three years after getting engaged, four by the time we get married.

We do want to finally own a home but for me, I know that will happen eventually. I feel a wedding will always be pushed aside for something else. We know we are going to be together forever, but getting married is more than just a piece of paper, it’s a commitment and one we want to make to each other. Brent already introduces me to people as his wife, and I want to make that official. I’m looking forward to having the same surname as Brent and George, mine is ghastly! Ha – priorities! In all seriousness, I don’t mind if we own our first home in 10 years time, as long as we are married and happy in our own space that’s all that matters to us, owning a property will come later.

Moving Forward in 2018 - Beauty and the ChicPIN IT!TRAVEL & WORK LIFE

As for travel this year, there won’t be any, but that’s okay because every ounce of me is going into finding our perfect little home and having our dream wedding. The next time we travel, will hopefully be our honeymoon. We already know we want to do a road trip of some kind and now I can drive I can’t wait to get behind the wheel for parts of the journey. 2019 however we want to go back to Centre Parcs as George loved it there.

I also hope to continually grow my small business and keep working hard at it. Sometimes I work too hard, I’m talking 8am-10pm days (when Brent is off) with just half hour for lunch and I did a bit of work on Christmas Day evening (shocking I know) but it’s so fulfilling knowing I’m doing something I love and that the hard work is finally starting to pay off. It’s been a fun journey and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

I hope 2018 brings you everything you want in life!

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R


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