2018 Planner Picks

Planning is my life, literally. I create stickers for planners as a living and my job involves me testing out planners, it’s great. Things have been a little hectic with the shop and holiday but I thought of this post, 2018 Planner Picks, and instantly started writing. I love planners, stationery, cards, anything creative and also being organised is a top priority, therefore I wanted to share my favourite planners and some other hidden gems that I’ve found.


Erin Condren planners are my absolute favourite. I’ve used them for two years, I find them so practical and the cover choices are beautiful. I have written a couple of posts over the years which I shall link below for you. Although they are a little more on the expensive side, starting at $55 (£40 approx) I personally think they are worth it and you can customise and personalise your planner unique to you and your personal preferences. They have a normal weekly planner, a teacher’s planner, a monthly planner and even a wedding planner. Shipping starts at $20 and you can buy your planners from the Erin Condren website directly, which I recommend. Or they are now available from Amazon, however you can’t personalise of customise your planner through them.

You can get $10 off your first order from Erin Condren by signing up here.

Erin Condren Life Planner – here.
Erin Condren VS Kate Spade – here.
Erin Condren VS Happy Planner – here.


The Happy Planner is a great alternative to the Erin Condren planner. Their layouts are quite similar, they both have interchangeable covers, and if you wish you can also dress up the HP with sticker kits. Had I not known about the EC planners, I would have happily bought a Happy Planner one, they are lovely.

The Classic Happy Planner is available form Hey Little Magpie.


Kate Spade is the first style of planner I ever used and I loved it. They look beautiful and they are very practical for general planning and maybe adding a couple of functional stickers (birthday reminders etc) and they are slightly less expensive than the Erin Condren but they are still expensive in my eyes. £29.50 for a practical beautiful planner, they are a great choice and they have a lot of different cover choices to choose from.

Standard Kate Spade Agendas available from Not on The High Street.

If you are looking for a more beautiful, special type of journal then the Kate Spade Cameron Street Agenda is just stunning. I always eye these up but I fear I would never used it because I have a planner that I live out of. This planner is similar in style to the Filofax planners, featuring calendar inserts, it also has slots for bank cards, all incased in a beautiful leather zipped case.


Kikki K, the mother of planners. They have so many beautiful designs and styles from weekly planners, to A5 Student Diaries, all reasonably priced, there’s something for everyone. I have always wanted to own a planner from Kikki K but I never have, one day I will finally cave and get one.

If you are more of a notepad kinda person then Kikki K also have a very wide range of notepads from To-Do Lists to Weekly Planners, all in stunning designs and some are even on sale at the moment.

Beauty and the ChicPIN IT!Images from DoodleLove’s Etsy Shop.


Talking of desk pads, I found this cute ‘You’ve Got This‘ Notepad from a small business owner on Etsy which I may even buy myself in the new year. It’s the perfect little pad to keep track of your week and your weekly to-do list.

Other places that do lovely planners are Ban.do which is a quirky brand with an array of different sized planners. Rifle Paper Co has some beautiful styles planners that are a similar price to Kate Spade. Finally The Happiness Planner (hardback) which has been a very popular planner over the past couple of years, isn’t just an annual planner but also has a bucket list section, habit tracker, goals, inspiring quotes and loads more. It’s also available as a leather bound clip file, The Peony Planner, which is beautiful.


Which planner will you be using in 2018?
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