Not another Glossier post – I hear you say? Well yes it may just well be another one but hear me out. I have read a lot of reviews on them recently and wanted to share my thoughts with you. We all know about Glossier, the American brand that was finally released in the UK last month. I’ve read rave review after rave review and therefore, I was immensely excited to try something. I love jumping on a bandwagon but I decided to go for a small purchase to begin with.

The brand is very ascetically pleasing, both minimalistic and chic, it’s right up my street. From the bubble wrapped packet to the product packaging, it is all very lovely. Not to mention is comes with stickers?! Eeep.

I had my eye on three things to begin with and it just so happens that they all come in a set called the Phase 1 Set for £35, a saving of £8. It comes with three full sized products: Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser and Balm Dotcom in a variety of flavours, I chose Rose.


Described as the ultimate daily face wash, it’s aimed at dry skin sufferers to dissolve away makeup and leave a fresh, clean face. I was intrigued by the sound of it and not to sound silly but the I love the look of it. It’s said to have a rose scent, which personally I don’t actually notice at all but the consistency wasn’t what I was expecting it’s nowhere near as “jelly” like as I thought it would be. For me I was very underwhelmed, whenever I use it, it just doesn’t really seem to do anything. It doesn’t foam up with water, or change consistency, it just seems to slip over my face and that’s it. Yes it leaves me skin feeling soft, comfortable and fairly clean but it seems to be a very standard product and not worth the £15 price tag. I much prefer my L’Oreal Fine Flowers Cleanser for a fraction of the price.


This product I was most excited about, it sounded like something my skin would love. An anti-redness product that leaves your skin glowing, minimises pores, prolongs makeup and prepped perfectly for makeup application. Sadly I do not experience any of those things. £18 for what seems to me as an ordinary moisturiser. My skin is left feeling soft and smooth and makeup does apply nicely over the top however it doesn’t do anything for my redness or pores and doesn’t leave an even skin tone. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem to prolong my makeup either. I much prefer my REN Perfect Canvas for prepping my skin and prolonging my makeup, that serum is incredible.



All is not lost though as the Balm Dotcom skin salve is lovely. It can be used on your lips, elbows and even your cuticles making it a great all-round product. The only thing I don’t like is the bright green lid and writing on an otherwise pretty tube. I chose the rose scent and the scent is more prominent in this product but not overbearing, it’s smells very nice. The consistency of the balm is quite thick but applies nicely on the lips. It doesn’t leave a horrible slimy or sticky film, which is a surprise. I would definitely buy more of these, £10 is a little steep for a balm but it is very nice. I will probably get the original one for my cuticles.

Although I’m not best pleased with two of the products, it hasn’t put me off the brand, I would love to try more from them to see how I get on. I’m interested in the masks, the Super Bounce serum and the face mist next so no doubt it won’t be long before I make another purchase.

If you fancy trying something from Glossier, you can get 10% off your first order using the link here.

Which Glossier products would you recommend?
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  • Gill McLaughlin

    I’ve heard so much stuff about this brand and always great reviews but their products are so instagrammable too – I need to try some of their products out, putting some on my xmas wishlist

  • Carolina

    I’m curious about the Milky Jelly Cleanser. I’m on a hunt for the perfect cleanser and I would like to try this to see if it’s the one that I’m looking for. xx

    Carolina’s Makeup Life

  • Hollie

    I’m so glad I read this review – I thought it was just me experiencing a slight disappointment with the cleanser and the priming moisturiser. I completely agree though, I’d definitely buy again and will probably pick up some of the make up bits! X

    Hollie |

  • Kristy

    I’m probably one of the only people to have not picked anything up yet but I’m so worried about being underwhelmed, II’ve read a couple of reviews now where people haven’t been all that excited by the cleansing balm. It’s such a shame and I’m sure I’ll give in at some point. I’m glad you have had a more positive experience with the balm dot com.

    Kristy |

  • Danielle alexa

    I have to try some Glossier products soon, I feel like I am missing out!

    Danielle xx