3INA Makeup

I love discovering new brands and couldn’t wait to try some products from a brand I hadn’t heard of. 3INA are a beauty brand that are about being a bold, brave new approach to beauty. They first sent me some of their best selling products, and recently received some more focusing on the eyes. 3INA is also a vegan friendly company and their products are also cruelty free and paraben free. I wanted to write a post introducing the 3INA brand and also share my thoughts so far.

The bestsellers that I received included The Longwear Lipstick* in 503, The Cream Eyshadow* in 313 and The Highlighter* in 201. All three of these products are beautiful and I can see why they are some of their best selling products. The lipstick is one of my favourite formulas, a liquid lipstick. Applies as a glossy lipstick but dries back to a comfortable matte. This however is probably one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks I have ever worn. The colour pay off is incredible and the longevity is brilliant. They smell like MAC lipsticks (yum) and the colour 503 is such a beautiful nude rose colour, my favourite shade and also perfect for A/W seasons.

The cream eyeshadow in 313 is another stunning shade. A beautiful metallic copper that borderlines a rose gold shade in certain light, and it’s a dream to apply. It blends out so well and doesn’t crease on the eyelid. I like to use mine as a base underneath a similar eyeshadow shade for a more intense finish and also prolongs the wear. You can see from the swatches just how beautiful this shade is.

The Highlighter is another stunning product. A subtle “lightbulb” flash of colour, it’s great for a more natural highlight. It’s easily buildable for a more intense look and just looks so beautiful on the skin. Its not really a super shimmery highlight, you just look lit from within.

PIN IT! PIN IT! PIN IT! PIN IT! PIN IT!The next collection of products are all about the eyes. The Eyegloss* in shade 503, The Duo Eyeshadow* in 606, The Gel Eyeliner* in 803 and finally, The Eyebrow Kit* in 402. The Eyegloss is a very different product and not one I would usually try. When I did makeup courses years ago I used a MAC eyegloss a lot. I do love the look but I just don’t feel as though I can pull it off. I did try this shade and it does look pretty, it can just be a tad uncomfortable to wear as my eyelid tends to stick a little. Maybe a great product for a makeup artist’s kit. The clear gloss would look stunning over The Cream Eyeshadow.

The Duo Eyeshadow is in a great shade, a matte chocolate brown paired with a yellow shimmery shade. Although not the most pigmented, they are buildable. You can’t go wrong with a matte brown shadow, also could be used for your brows if you are a brunette and the shimmery shade could double up as a highlighter.

It’s a shame The Gel Eyeliner is in such a vivid colour as I would never personally wear something this bright. Honestly not too sure on the formula either as it tended to roll when I tried to test it. Would be good to give the black a try to see if it’s perhaps just the formula for the lighter colour. Considering the brand is all about being bold and brave, it is a pretty product if you’re comfortable wearing it.

Finally, The Eyebrow kit. Comes with two little brushes, a pair of mini tweezers, a powder and a gel. Sadly the colour is just a little too light for me, I also found it to be a bit on the red side so it was very noticeable when it was on. On the plus side though the matte brown could be used as an eyeshadow shade as it’s a lovely colour and quite pigmented.

PIN IT!So there are my thoughts on this bold new brand. 3INA is such an affordable brand that offers great quality products, I absolutely love them and can’t wait to continue trying more from them. Although a couple maybe a bit hit and miss, it could just be the case of the right shade to work. I am very happy with what I received and use the first three products all the time, they are lovely.

Have you tried anything from 3INA?
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