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There have been a lot of makeup releases the past couple of months, I’ve been very late to the party but I’ve finally bought some new bits to try. I have already shared what’s New In At Maybelline, and this post does feature two of those products but for the most part, it’s a look at some new products and some first impressions.

PIN IT!From Maybelline I decided to try the Brightening Creamy Concealer in Fair and white. White is meant to brighten your under eyes and make you appear more awake and at first I thought this was a little dry however I’ve changed the way I blend it in which I will explain in a minute. The concealer on the other hand is very creamy, lacking a little with the coverage but a nice concealer. Would I buy it again though? Probably not.

From Max Factor I bought the CC Colour Corrector for my redness and also the Brow Shaper as I wanted to try something new. The colour corrector at first as well appeared to be very drying but I changed how I blended it in. I apply this to all my redness and the Maybelline White concealer under my eyes, I then dampen my beauty blender and apply a little foundation as I’m blending the concealers in. This way seems to keep everything hydrated and I still get the coverage from the products. As a brightening product, I don’t find it amazing but it’s okay, the colour corrector however is very good. My redness is much less noticeable and in some areas completely gone so definitely impressed with that one in the end.

The Brow Shaper is nice, the colour matches my brows perfectly so I can easily create soft, natural looking brows. However the product itself is very hard to work with, I find myself going over and over the same spot as it just isn’t as pigmented as it should be. It does come with a spooly which is always so handy. I like this product as I’m pleased with the colour match but I don’t love it. I would probably buy it again if I couldn’t find anything else.

PIN IT!I have a whole post dedicated to 3INA beauty coming but I had to mention these two as they are brilliant. The Highlighter* in 201, it’s my favourite product from them by far, it’s incredible. A beautiful subtle warm toned highlighter, it’s easily buildable for a more noticeable look but I love the subtle sheen it leaves. Just stunning. The other product is The Cream Eyeshadow* in 313, it’s one of the best cream shadows I’ve tried. It’s great as a little wash of colour or on it’s own. However I like to place it underneath a similar eyeshadow to create a strong base. It doesn’t crease or cause the shadow it fade, it’s beautiful and such a gorgeous colour.

PIN IT!I saw lots of blogging sharing the new Rimmel Insta Fix & Matte products and I couldn’t wait to try something from the line. I was after a more stutble powder at the time and chose to give the translucent powder a go. Sadly it was not a hit, it’s actually one of the worst powders I’ve ever used. It was so incredibly drying and made my makeup look caky after about five minutes. I was so sad to see that this wasn’t as great as everyone else was saying it was. I suffer with dry skin yes, however I’ve never had a powder cause this before, it was awful. I’ll stick to their Stay Matte powder next time.

Have you tried any new products that you would recommend?

PIN IT!*This post contains PR samples.


  • Carolina

    I’ve been trying a lot of new products lately, Some that I cannot recommend enough are Tarte blushes – Tarte Big Blush Book 3 and Tarte Blush Bazaar Palette. Two amazing palettes filled with blushes that I’m totally obsessed with! xx

  • Olivia Mulhearn

    i love the look of the max factor cc colour correctors heard great things about it! the brow shaper sounds great to!

  • Caroline

    The 3INA eyeshadow is beautiful, I love cream eyeshadows and it just looks so spongey and easy to work with! I’ve tried the Brow Shaper as well and wasn’t really impressed, I’m really just going to stick to powder instead! xx

  • Gill mclaughlin

    That highlighter though!!!! I neeed that in my life lol, i’ve heard some really great things about this brand so looking forward to your post coming on this

  • Gill mclaughlin

    That highlighter though!!!! I neeed that in my life lol, i’ve heard some really great things about this brand so looking forward to your post coming on this,