Lily England Marble Brushes

I love trying out new brushes, I feel as though you can just never have enough. Apart from when it’s time to clean them all, it’s so useful having lots to choose from. You probably all know that I love marble so marble brushes? Yes please. I couldn’t wait to try out The Marble Luxe Makeup Brushes* from Lily England.

There are nine brushes in total, I would say five are eye brushes and four are for the face. They all come housed in this beautiful makeup brush holder which, although a little heavy, would be perfect for travling as it would really keep your brushes secure without taking up too much space.

Along with the marble they have rose gold ferrules which is a beautiful shade. And there’s also a rose gold logo on each brush. The bristles are grey and white and are some of the softest brushes I have ever felt. And just to make things seem even better, they are cruelty-free and vegan which makes them even more special.

PIN IT! PIN IT! PIN IT! PIN IT!I’ve tried out all of the brushes but the stand outs for me that I use every single day are F1, C2, E2, E1, M1, E3 and C1. F1 is a powder brush which distributes just the right amount of product and doesn’t make it on to leave you looking caky.

For the face brushes, C1 is a contour brush which I love for blending in my cream contour products. It’s so dense and blends everything out beautifully and because the bristles hold their shape well, it blends the product in exactly where you want it without moving it around everywhere. I use the E2 Shadow Brush to actually contour my nose. It’s the perfect size as it’s quite fluffy and not too dense so it give s a nice natural looking blended contour. Finally, my most favourite brush overall is C2, the sculpt and glow brush. This brush is perfect for highlighting. It’s the perfect size, shape and it’s so fluffy that it applies powder highlighters so well. It allows you to glow instead of just looking like you’ve streaked highlighter across your cheekbones. I have been after a brush just like this and I’m so glad I finally have one.

For the eye brushes, M1 is the multi-tasker brush which can be used for packing on eyeshadow, applying concealer or cream shadows, it’s a very useful brush. I like to use mine for applying my eye shadow. E3 is a contour shader, I find useful for applying a darker shadow to the crease of your eye as it follows the contours of you eye, really bringing out the shape and defining them. Last but not least, E1 the luxe crease brush, you can never had too many blending brushes.

PIN IT!PIN IT!For Β£45 you are getting a lot for your money. Nine beautifully soft high quality brushes and a sturdy pretty case that can be used for travel or as a storage pot on your vanity. Brushes can be hard to get right as you want them to be soft but not too soft that they don’t grip onto product, they also need to stand the test of time. Although I’ve only washed theses a couple of times, they are holding up. But will they last as long as some of my MAC brushes which are nearly seven years old? Only time will tell, but I have a feeling they will.

Will you be checking out the Lily England Marble Brushes?
PIN IT!*PR samples are featured in this post.Β 


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