My Favourite Places To Buy Phone Cases

Buying or upgrading to a new phone is always fun but getting a pretty case is my favourite part. Today I’m sharing my favourite places to buy phone cases from because let’s face it, I wouldn’t actually use my phone without one. Phones these days cost a small fortune and there’s no way I’m not getting a case to protect it, I’m pretty clumsy after all.

I’ve shopped around a fair few places and wanted to share my favourites from higher end to the cheaper but still protective alternatives. Also a case which will be perfect for selfie lovers. Cases don’t have to break the bank if you know where to go.

PIN IT! LuMee light up phone casesPIN IT!SELFIE LOVERS CASE

Everyone loves a selfie, I mainly go to town with the cute or silly Snapchat filters but if you’re a serious selfie lover than the LuMee Illuminating Cases* are a great option for you. They come in standard colours, rose gold, white gloss, black and gold and of course marble too. Not only would it be handy for selfies but just general use of photographing flatlays or products for Instagram shots, especially with the darker weather we will now be having.


I very recently upgraded to an iPhone 7 plus (if the site will stop being down) but I went and bought two cases in preparation a couple of weeks ago. I follow the brand Richmond & Finch on Instagram and they have the most beautiful phone cases. Sleek elegant designs with rose gold/, silver and gold hardware. They look luxurious and pretty and I knew I wanted a case from there. At €47/£41 each (plus size, smaller cases are cheaper) they are expensive for a case, luckily all summer they had a 2-for-1 deal running, after putting if off all summer I finally snapped up two just before it ended, I’m talking the next day!

I bought the Pink Satin and Carrara White Marble and they are the most beautiful quality. The blush pink is a smooth soft finish which will probably get dirty but I’ll be sure to clean it often and the marble is your normal smooth plastic finish. I just love the gold detailing, it’s a beautiful touch.

They currently have 25% off if you buy through PayPal which is so tempting as the Royal Blue is just calling my name. So they are expensive but they do have offers on if you keep checking.


TK MAXX is always hit and miss with anything but for nearly a year they have stocked Kate Spade cases in mine. I check every weekend just to see what’s new so I don’t miss a bargain. At Christmas I got a beautiful set which included a phone case and a phone purse for just £50 which normal would have been over £100. The case I have got most use out of though is the gold glitter case, bought for £15 down from about £40 I think.

The Kate Spade cases are excellent quality even if they are expensive full price I would still get one. They are quite thick plastic so even when I’ve dropped my phone, the case hasn’t cracked. The glitter case especially as it has a rubberised finish so not only does it not chip, it provides better grip. I wish they had this glitter case in the plus size but I can’t find one.


First stop is probably the most obvious which is eBay. I’ve found lots of cheap but cute cases, such as this marble one here, over the years costing anything from 99p to £7. Sadly they have all chipped or broken once dropped but they are great for a short period of time or if you’re in-between searching for a better one.


Another shop is Tesco, they have some really lovely designs and some have a Kate Spade feel to them. The brand that I always buy is Tortishell. They are around £9 each for the normal sized iPhone but regularly go into sale or clearance. The palm tree case was only £3 in the sale and it’s so cute. They are hard plastic and have cracked slightly when I dropped the gold polka dotted case, however the main issue for me is them scratching. At the end of the day though, better the case be scratched and chipped than your phone.


Although I personally haven’t used a case by Skinny Dip, I’ve bought one for my sister and they have some seriously cute designs. Not to mention their latest partnership is with Starbucks!

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