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With the recent change in seasons my skin just hasn’t been happy, one moment it was doing great the next it was a dry mess. I’ve had a lot of new skincare products to try recently and wanted to share another first impressions post with you, which products I love and will continue to use and some that aren’t working that well for me. I always like to have a little disclaimer with skincare as these products require a lot of testing before noticeable results can be seen, I have been using the following for at least 3 weeks which is why this is a first impressions, the Annemarie Borlind products however I have been using for longer.

I was contacted by Sulis & Thermae, a company that sells unique skincare brands and they wanted to send me a selection of products that they sell. I received two from the brand Supermood, a brand I have never heard of before and one from Skyn Iceland which I have seen and have always wanted to try. They also sell Oskia, a brand I have wanted to try so so long now so it’s great to know they stock it.


Designed to rejuvenate and nourish the skin with rose hip and lingonberry oil, this product sounds like the sort of thing my skin loves. Although it’s on the thicker side of an oil and does leave more of a residue, it’s a great product to use at night so that it can really sink into the skin. It’s left feeling so smooth and refreshed in the morning.


This day cream contains menthol to revive and wake up the skin and it’s said to absorb into the skin quickly and instantly hydrate you. This is a strange one for me, for starters I’m not keen on the scent at all, it smells like plants and I find it a little potent. The texture of the cream is thin in consistency and does spread well however it feels tacky. Once it has been absorbed into the skin it does feel extremely smooth and you can instantly feel the coolness from the menthol. Yes it sinks in quickly but I find that it leaves a residue on the skin which means if I wait 10 minutes and try and apply my makeup (which I always do), the products will just roll together and I’ll have to start all over again. I have to wait at least 30 minutes until I feel like my skin is ready for makeup.

I love the Youth Glo Radiance Oil and I do like the Egoboost The Perfect Day Cream but for me I find they only work well at night. They are a great duo together and my skin feels amazing in the morning but I don’t recommend the day cream for use under makeup, makeup free days, definitely!


I have heard of Skyn Iceland before and I have always wanted to try their products, especially their eye gel pads. Having a baby, sleep can be unpredictable and I’ve always wanted to have a good brand of eye pads that I can rely on in case I need a quick de-puff int he morning. I have only used one pack, this box contains 4 pairs of eye gels, and let me tell you, these are brilliant.

The morning I decided to try these couldn’t have been better, the previous night Brent and I had date night and I consumed two glasses of Prosecco, I’m a total lightweight so come morning my eyes were puffy, my skin was dry and I was a little worse for wear so these eye gels were exactly what I needed. I left them on for about 15 minutes and when I took them off my under eyes were most definitely less puffy, they felt so much more comfortable as well, more refreshed. Can’t wait to try them again.


A gel mask that hydrates, smoothes and cools the skin, it’s supposed to be perfect for dehydrated skin to plump the skin and leave it feeling fresh and radiant. You apply it all over your face and neck, leave it on for 5-10 minutes then wash it off with warm water. Usually once I was off products like this my skin feels noticeable soft and smooth, although I didn’t get that feeling entirely, my skin definitely felt more fresh and hydrated. I’m using this twice a week at the moment and I am enjoying it.


Promising similar things to the gel mask, this boost of moisture is is just brilliant. The formula is quite runny, you only need one pump for your entire face, it spreads really well and sinks into the skin really quickly. Out of everything I have been using recently, I’ve noticed the biggest difference with this. As I mentioned above, I have been trialling the Annemarie Borlind products prior to the products above and noticed that this Beauty Shot product had really benefitted my skin, it’s really helped with hydration and helps keep my skin moisturised all day.

Have you tried any of these products? Which skincare product is your favourite?

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  • Anna

    Love this post! Annemarie Börlind I like too. I have before mask, was so good! And last time I bought BB cream and this was bad 🙁 But I still liking Annemarie, and I will try something again 🙂