ColourPop Haul

I have wanted to try ColourPop for such a long time now. So many American YouTuber’s that I used to watch would use their products and I always thought they looked beautiful and so reasonably priced as well. Recently I saw so many bloggers sharing their ColourPop hauls on their blogs or in Instagram photos and it made me want to try them even more, and then when a new collaboration was released I couldn’t resist and made my first order.

I saw that they had free shipping over $50 and I also had a voucher for $5 off so my total (without customs) was $53 for 11 products however I have an extra eyeshadow in my box so I don’t know if this was a freebie or an accident but it’s so beautiful and actually my favourite shadow out of the three.

PIN IT!I chose to just use ColourPop shipping and not a third-party company as it’s just easier. If a company offers international shipping I will always choose the company. I made my order on 7th February and it arrived yesterday so it took just 9 days to reach me from the US which is brilliant. Nothing was damaged which I was worried about and I couldn’t be happier with my products. I know I was going to get a customs charge which was £17.40, I’m over being annoyed about customs charges, it’s inevitable – the Royal Mail £8 handling fee is a joke though. So my total cost for this order was just over £60 and for 11 products I think that’s incredible and for a brand I have always wanted to try I am one happy beauty addict.

PIN IT!PIN IT!I have heard so much about their Ultra Matte Lip products so I wanted to pick up a variety of shades. I used Pinterest to find swatches on all the colours I was interested in and they are all just as beautiful as they were on there. I chose Saturday which is a beautiful deep berry shade, I put this on last night and it was stunning! I then chose two more everyday natural shades, Trap which is a grey-toned pink which is my favourite kind of shade at the moment and then Lumiere 2 which is a rosy toned pink, I love shades like this as they are so wearable.

PIN IT!PIN IT!I knew I wanted to get some eyeshadows while I was making an order so I chose Stereo, which is a burgundy shade with gold glitter and Mooning which is a dark bronze shade. High Strung is the extra shadow that was in my box and this is a beautiful dusty rose colour, so pretty for everyday wear.

When I swatched them I was expecting them to be a bit chalky and maybe kick up a lot of product but I was so wrong. These eyeshadows are so buttery and soft and just glided across my skin when I swatched them. All the shades are so pigmented but High Strung was incredible, I barely had to do anything and the swatch was so intense. For just $5 each these eyeshadows are such high quality, I’m so impressed.

I also picked up a Brow Pencil in Bangin’ Brunette just because I wanted to see just how good it was and it’s good. Although the product will probably run out quite quickly, it’s the perfect colour for my brows and so fine that you can create such natural looking brows. I was kinda hoping I would hate it because it’s going to be so difficult to keep replacing but it’s brilliant.

PIN IT!I’ve heard some great things about the Lippie Stix so I picked up three of these, Pack Pack which is a beautiful dark plum shade, Baewatch is a pretty rosy pink and Tootsi is the perfect nude shade. Although they are a matte finish they have a sheen to them and feel really hydrating on the lips.

PIN IT!Their latest collaboration was with the model Alexis Ren, I follow Alexis on Instagram and my god she’s so beautiful and I didn’t want to miss out on her products. Sadly I was a little too late as the pressed powder duo was out of stock but I did manage to grab two of the Deja Vu blotted lipsticks. I may do a giveaway with the other or I may be greedy and keep it as a back up, I havent decided yet! Deja Vu is a lovely pink nude shade and it seems to have a similar finish to the Lippie Stix.

PIN IT!I will be writing full reviews or incorporating these items into other posts at some point so keep your eyes peeled if you want to find out more about them. I’m so impressed with these products and the ColourPop brand in general, I already know I will be making another order in the future. Great quality items all reasonably priced, I can’t really say no.



  • Fee

    I love all the swatches but the lip products look amazing!

    Loved this haul 🙂

    Fee x

  • Ela

    I love Colourpop and I’m glad you like them, too! Their Ultra Mattes can be quite drying so I recommend a lot of lip prep before anything else. Cheers!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I already look forward to the full reviews! First impressions are guuuuuuuud.

  • Jessica jade

    This makes me so jealous! I want to do another order now haha! I have Trap too, it’s a gorgeous shade isn’t it! I’m obsessed! Those eyeshadows are beaut too!
    Loved it

    Jess xx


    I love Colourpop products and Lumiere 2 is my absolute favourite from them. I especially love everything from KathleenLights collab with them xx

  • Alina Bostan

    I love Colourpop, such a great budget brand and I’ve liked everything I have tried from them so far. Definitely eager to make use of the free international shipping soon even though customs are a joke (well the handling fee more so than anything). Love what you picked out especially the lipsticks x

    Beauty with charm

  • Siham

    Wow the swatches look so pigmented and soft! I have not tried their eyeshadows but I’m trying to put as many things as I can on a wishlist and then order it all haha <3

    | |

  • Gemma Louise

    High Strung is absolutely gorgeous, I need!!!

    Gemma Louise

  • Claire

    First off your pictures are stunning, second High Strung is a gorgeous shade, what luck it was a freebie. Ive made a few Colourpop orders myself and the quality is just fantastic, their shock shadows in particular are just perfection! 🙂

  • Lisa

    The “Saturday” shade is sooooo good! It absolutely looks good on night out.

    “Lumire 2” is good too, but since I have a bit dark lip color, sometimes I afraid to try this kind of shade. Do you think it will looks good on dark lip color?


  • Katie McGrath

    I have a great collection of colourpop ultra matts and their satins’ and hands down they are my favourite formula. They are so nice on the lips, the fact that I can get 5+ hours in them too with out feathering or fading is amazing. I even have one lip gloss from them and that too is amazing as well never had a gloss so pigmented with one swipe. That saturday shade is everything I may have to get that in my collection, but sadly I have other shades similar. I love their Frick/Frack shade that seems to be my go-to lately. I’ve not tried their shadows yet but they are on the list of things to try from them, I’ve heard so many good things about them. This was a great post, thanks for sharing!