What I Got For Christmas

Christmas passed by in a blink of an eye, I hope everyone had a lovely time with their family and friends. I’m back after a lovely few days off over Christmas, it’s only been a week since I last posted but it honestly feels like a month. I thought I would start with an obvious post, there’s so much stigma surrounding these but I don’t see anything wrong with them. They’re no different to normal haul posts, people aren’t bragging, it’s just sharing your Christmas gifts that you are grateful for and if you don’t like them then you should probably click off now. If you’re nosey like me and like to use these posts as a way of seeing which products to add to your wishlist then carry on reading.


My best friend knows me so well surprising me with a beautiful copper photo frame, copper tealight holder and a mug with gold detailing, along with some other little bits. She got it spot on and I absolutely love everything so thank you so much Hayley.


My sister and her partner got Brent and I a coffee machine as I am always using hers when I go round, they also got us a selection of pods to go with it. I’ve wanted a coffee machine for so long, so glad I have one now. She also got me a couple of Lush bits and surprised me with the Christmas Edition Sourced Box. Viv had recently signed up and I had mentioned how I wanted to try the stuff but couldn’t afford a subscription so it was a lovely surprise but I don’t want to eat any of it as I want it to last forever!

My brother got me a cute little passport holder with my name and a little camera on, he now lives abroad and is getting married next year so I can use this little cover when we go out for the wedding.


My mum always asks what I want for Christmas and I always use this as an opportunity to get some luxury beauty bits that I can’t always buy for myself. Once again I decided on a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick as the formula is my favourite, I chose Very Victoria which is a beautiful dark nude and the suggested lip liner to wear with it was Pillow Talk which I have wanted for so long. I can’t wait to try these new lip products out, I love the Charlotte Tilbury brand so much but I am yet to stray from the lipsticks, I just want them all. I also asked for a new pencil sharpener as my NARS one is awful and just destroys my pencils and I don’t want that happening to my CT liners.

I’ve really started to enjoy contouring as well which is a surprise as I wasn’t interested in the slightest when it first came about in the beauty world. I used Christmas as an opportunity to get the Kat Von D Shade & Light palette which is just so beautiful. I’m too scared to use it as I don’t want to muck up the powders but at the same time I’m so excited to try it. My mum also got my sister and I a pack of the mini Yankee Candle’s each and also a calendar as she buys us one every year, thank you so much Mum.


I kept hearing people say they had found Kate Spade phone cases in TK MAXX and I finally found some in my local store for them to be the wrong size, I kept checking and one day I spotted this set which included a chevron iPhone 6S phone case and a wristlet all packaged inside this beautiful box. I showed Brent and then went to go upstairs to look at the beauty section, Brent was taking his precious time and when he finally met up with me again I spotted this set on the bottom of the pram! I was so excited but I had to wait until Christmas to get it. Such a lovely gift and although I knew I was getting it I am so grateful for it, I love both the items so much. The wristlet is such a great idea as you can carry bank cards and cash in it as well as your phone, I’ve been after a purse like this for such a long time as I don’t always need to take my bag out, now I just need a cute coin purse for all my loose change.

For my stocking Brent also got me a selection of Zoella Beauty products, all the new ones that I haven’t tried before and Ariana Grande’s new album.


And finally, the show stopper present from Brent were two tickets to see Wicked in January. He had put these inside my Christmas card and I cried when I got them. I’ve seen Wicked twice in the West End already but it’s my favourite musical ever, we listen to it in the car all the time and even Brent knows all the words now. It’s such a brilliant musical with outstanding music, I can not wait to go to see it again! We’ve wanted to see Wicked together since we met, I had no idea about this present and he got it spot on.


I also have a course of driving lessons as well, I started when I was 18, failed a couple of tests, gave up and it’s haunted me ever since. 2017 is the year I will pass, I won’t stop until I do. The theory test scares me more than the actual driving test but I just need to finally do it and stop being so scared, it’s hanging over me and I just want my pink license now.

I’m so thrilled with everything I received this year, I’m always so grateful for all my presents. Christmas for me is about spending time with my family but sharing what you received isn’t bragging and doesn’t mean you’re only after presents this time of year, if you want to share your gifts, go ahead and don’t forget to leave the link below as I love reading them.

What did you get for Christmas?



  • Laura

    Ooooh, Wicked tickets are the best!

    Glad you had a good Christmas lovely xx

  • Charlotte

    You got some lovely bits, and that Kate Spade set is just dreamy! xx


  • John

    Wicked is amazing! I went to see it at Milton Keynes for my birthday a couple of years ago!! By far my best musical 🙂


  • Emma

    You got so many lovely gifts. I really want to try the CT Lip Liners. I have just posted my What I Got For Christmas too.

    EmmysBeautyCave | Blog Header Designs | Instagram

  • Amey Slater

    Looks like you had a lovely Christmas! Wicked is also my favourite musical too – cannot get enough of it!
    I had been mentioning to my mum on numerous occasions that tk Maxx does Kate Spade sometimes so she picked up a phone case as part of my Xmas too :).

  • Jessica Jade

    Jealous! Absolutely love that phone case & that lipstick ?
    Glad you all had a lovely Christmas!
    Jessica Jade

  • kissandmakeupsbeautyblog.com

    Someone has been good this year! You got spoiled, great stuff!

  • Zoe

    You got some lovely items xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  • Gemma

    The gifts you got are gorgeous, so so jealous of that Kate Spade purse, it’s a beaut! x

    Gemma Louise