At Home Waxing With Parissa

Waxing tends to be a routine that most people vigorously do in the summertime however I have since become accustomed to being silky smooth all year round. I detest tights, I can’t stand them and even the thought sends my limbs into meltdown so if I want to wear a skirt in winter I have to bare all which means keeping my pins nice and hair-free.

I have a fairly decent pain threshold (I do have three tattoos) but the thought of getting out certain areas to strangers and the general effort of going to a beauty salon for a wax is just too much effort and a little bit frightening. I was recently introduced to an at home waxing brand called Parissa and I am so glad I had the opportunity to try their products as they are amazing. I can wince and yelp to my hearts content at home without feeling like a muppet and actually achieve brilliant results.

There are a few different products to try and I have tested out four so far. I have tried so many different brands of at home waxing products and none of them worked, not even a little bit but Parissa have got everything right, the products are absolutely fantastic and let me tell you why.

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Parissa Chamomile Body Sugar*
This product comes with washable strips and a jar of wax that you can melt in the microwave. I have tried a similar product to this before from another brand and it didn’t do a thing however this worked wonders. It took me a while to do as I haven’t waxed myself for a long time and I had to brace myself with every swift rip but the results were amazing, I hardly had any left over hairs and the ones I did have I just used my razor to remove. It’s actually not too messy and once I got the hang of it towards the end I was doing it quite quickly. Re-growth has actually been less now which is brilliant, I’ve definitely noticed less hairs and I had smooth legs for at least a week. I like that these include washable strips so you don’t need to worry about running out too quickly, however you can buy more to replace them if you need to.

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Parissa Wax Strips for Legs & Body £12.99* / link
These strips are great if you don’t want to faff around with applying the wax yourself, you just put the strip on, rub it a couple of times and whip it back off again. The results are much like the body sugar, they remove most of the hair and the few strays I removed with a razor. I’m not worried that they didn’t pick up every single hair because that’s never going to happen, even in a salon I’ve heard they tweeze the strays out, I’m just so amazed they actually remove anything, I’m so used to being disappointed with home waxing kits.

Parissa Brow Shaper Mini Wax Strips £8.79* / link
The star of the show! I recently mentioned these in my Head To Toe Body Care Essentials as they have become a staple in my beauty routine on a monthly basis. These tiny strips are for waxing your brows and touching them up, I like to use them on the top and side of my brows to tidy up any stray hairs. Being a brunette, I do have hair on my face that shows up more, lady-lip-hair I’m looking at you – these are the perfect size for getting rid of that as well. The extra strays missed I tweezer out and the results are super neat eyebrows and smooth upper-lip, this will last at least two weeks before I get a fair bit of re-growth. I don’t know what I would do without these now, they are absolutely perfect and exactly what I needed.

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Parissa Wax Strips for Face & Bikini £8.79* / link
This is the area that I’m far too scared to whip out to get sorted professionally so it’s nice knowing I’ve found a brand that actually works and I can save myself the embarrassment. For me a neat bikini line is important as I get so self-conscious about it when I go swimming and shaving just causes all sorts of awful friction burns but these wax strips actually work, yes they hurt like a mother-f***er but no pain no gain right?! As for face use, I find them a little too big which is why I prefer the brow strips but they all do the same job, just means I’m more accurate with the placement.

All the boxes of waxing strips come with an aftercare oil which is just amazing, it’s so soothing, leaves your skin super soft and doesn’t sting once it’s applied, I love how my skin feels afterwards. You can buy this separately if you run out however I’ve found that they actually last really well, a little goes a long way.

Overall I think it’s pretty obvious just how much I adore this brand, they seriously work and do exactly what they should, no mess, some pain (not gonna lie) and amazing results, I will without a doubt be purchasing these once I’ve run out, espeically the brow strips.

Have you tried any at home waxing kits? Which brand do you like?

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