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Christmas is the perfect time of year to get that special someone a new fragrance. Maybe one they have lusted over for years, a repurchase of something completely new, a lovely scent always goes down well for a man or women. Fragrances are so personal and can be tricky to get right. My sister, mum and myself all love and own pretty much the same scents so we know that one I like my sister will as well for example. Buying a completely new scent can be risky but if you know exactly what they like then you’ll be fine and I’m hoping this gift guide will help you find a scent that your special someone will love.

All the fragrances are available separately however at Christmas time they bring out gift sets. Most of the time the sets include a 50ml bottle of fragrance or more (sometimes they offer 30ml gift sets) along with a couple of extra products all packaged in a pretty box. If you’re going to buy bigger than 30ml, always get the gift set, they’re usually the same price as a 50ml anyway and you’re getting more for your money.

Every item is linked to ensure your shopping experience is as easy as possible. I’ve tried to find the cheapest price from trusted companies but make sure to check around as the closer we get to Christmas, sales and coupons are always popping up and let’s face it, this time of year saving what we can is always welcomed.

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Paco Rabanne Olympéa – from £34 / Gift Set from £45.90 – The latest release from Paco Rabanne, Olympéa is a truly stunning fragrance that will please most women, it’s one of my favourites and probably my most worn. With a blend of sandalwood and vanilla it creates a beautiful sweet scent that’s super sexy and sophisticated. I have a full review here.

Chanel N°5 L’Eau / from £68 – As mentioned in my Luxury Christmas Gift Guide this scent is such a brilliant choice. It’s a fresher younger take on the iconic original, Chanel N°5. A floral blend that’s super luxurious and the bottle is just divine. One I want to add to my personal collection.

Elie Saab Rose Couture – from £28.90 / Gift Set £44.20 – This floral scent is quite different from the previous deep cedar wood scents but still just as beautiful. It’s not an overpowering smell, with a base note of sandalwood this fragrance settles beautifully on the skin leaving a lingering scent that smells lovely. The bottle is also incredibly pretty, one of my favourite fragrances for packaging.

Hugo Boss The Scent for Her  – from £37.40 / Gift Set – £63  This sweet floral blend will please any lady and can easily be worn in the day time or in the evening as a date night scent too. It’s elegant and feminine and smells so good. It has notes of honeyed peach, freesia, osmanthus and roasted cocoa, it’s a subtle floral mix that has a sexy deep twist.

Giorgio Armani Sî Intense / from £45.90 – Sî Intense is a beautiful deeper more sensual version of the original Sî. The original version I am a bit on the fence about but I love the Intense scent. Such a sexy feminine blend with notes of bergamot, mandarin, vanilla and more it’s so unique and definitely one that will leave a lasting impression. With a purchase of 40ml or more for this scent you can get a free gift, while stocks last.

Omorovicza Bagatell de Gabrielle / £65 – Quite a unique brand that’s well known for their skincare but not their fragrances, this scent is absolutely beautiful. It’s such an exotic scent with top notes of lavender, bergamot and freesia, it’s a beautiful blend and I can guarantee that your lady would never have smelt anything like it. It’s classy and timeless and would suit near enough anyone.

YSL Black Opium – from £39.95 / Gift Set from £47 – One of my all time favourite scents, this one has been so popular amongst beauty bloggers, including myself. With a unique blend of vanilla and coffee it sounds strange but it’s such a beautiful mixture and one she will love. They also have an au de toilette version which is softer but personally I prefer this eau de parfum version. I have a full review here.

Fossil 1954 for Women / £49 – Probably a scent that not a lot of people know about unless you’re a fan of Fossil. My partner has the male version (which is featured below) and that one is amazing, as is the scent for women. A unique blend that has a twist of both masculine and feminine notes, it’s sexy and stunning and one that probably no one has considered.

Juicy Couture ‘I Am Juicy Couture’ – from £37 / Gift Set £69 – Juicy Couture is my favourite fragrance brand as out of all their releases there has only been one I wasn’t keen on. Yes the bottles are a little out there but the scents are always incredibly beautiful. ‘I Am Juicy Couture’ is their latest release which is definitely on the fruity side of things but smells beautiful, but to be honest any of the Juicy Couture scents would be a great choice. Don’t worry, the scent I wasn’t keen on is no longer available.

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede / £43 – Jo Malone fragrances are so popular and for good reason. A luxurious brand that offers a huge range of beautifully scented products, the bottle alone makes me want to buy one. Peony & Blush suede is the scent I used to own and saved it for special occasions. This stunning floral blend will please any lady in your life.

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Chanel Bleu de Chanel / from £48 – This scent is the most luxurious on this list, Chanel can be a bit tough to get right as their fragrances can be powerful, strong and most of the time, not to my personal taste however I’ve heard a lot about this scent and can report back that it is a lovely scent. With notes of frankincense, sandalwood, ginger, grapefruit and dry cedar wood, at first it has a slight kick to it but once it’s settled down it’s a beautiful scent.

Fossil 1954 for Men / £49 – Fossil is my partners favourite scent and my personal favourite as well. It’s such a deep manly scent and the bottle is beautiful. With a blend of Guatemalan cardamon, Italian bergamot, clary sage, vanilla and sandalwood, it’s quite a sweet smell but with a kick of spice, it’s truly an amazing scent.

Hugo Boss The Scent – from £39.95 / Gift Set £39.95 – I always end up buying my partner a Hugo Boss fragrance as they just seem to get it right every time. It has a top note of ginger, heart notes of manika fruit and lavender, and base note of leather, it’s pure masculinity and smells amazing.

Mont Blanc Legend – from £22.10 / Gift Set £33.15 – A bit more on the cheaper side of things but still smells just as nice as all the others listed. I personally haven’t heard of this brand but it’s definitely worth a look at next time you’re able to.

Diesel Bad – from £33.55 / Gift Set £37.40 – I am yet to find a Diesel scent that doesn’t smell great. Not a huge fan of the bottle but it’s what’s inside that counts. With a unique blend of tobacco, lavender, cardamon, bergamot and more, it’s a very woody scent and smells amazing.

Jimmy Choo Man Intense – from £38.25 /  – This scent literally just smells like a man, all the good things that a man should smell like, which is quite appropriate considering the name. Being named ‘Intense’ it’s actually not too overpowering, just smells amazing, I love it.

Dior Sauvage / from £50 – This scent is probably the most unique and most powerful on the list. It’s a lovely scent once it’s settled onto the skin a bit, upon application it can be quite strong but nice afterwards. It has a blend of ambroxan, sichuan pepper and reggio bergamot, it’s woody and spicy.

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct – from £30 / Gift Set – £42 – This is one of my favourites on the list, the first fragrance to be sold outside their boutiques, I’ve never smelt a A&F fragrance before and was surprised just how great this smelt, also the bottle is very chic looking. A blend of gin, tonic, musk, amber and more, it’s a very masculine scent.

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Mens – Versace – £27.50 / Hugo Boss – £25 / Giorgio Armani – £24.99 /
Womens – Dolce & Gabbana  – £35 / Lancôme – £29 / Gucci – £30 / Giorgio Armani – £24.99

Finally, if you’re not sure which fragrance to get them, you could always buy one of these miniature sets featuring 4-5 travel bottles that contain mostly 5ml of product, some have slightly more. It’s a great way to test out a new fragrance to see what you like and perfect if you’re not sure what your recipient likes. All of these are exclusive to Boots and do go on offer every now and again so keep an eye out!

Hope you have found this post useful!

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