Brows, Which Products Do You Prefer?

From a product that hardly anyone used to now having a huge variety to choose from, choosing your perfect brow product can be a little tricky. There are different formulas to try, powder, wax, pencil and some are better than others. I have tried and tested a lot of different products now so I thought I would share my thoughts on them for you. So the question is, which products do you prefer?

I’m so glad that I was one of those girls that didn’t over pluck as a teenager. I once had a run in with my friends razor when she thought it would be a good idea to shave my uni-brow and I looked ridiculous for weeks however that’s as drastic as my brow stories get, thankfully. I’m lucky that my brows are naturally quite a nice shape, well the right brow is anyway, and the fullness is great, my brows are probably the only thing I like on my face! I’ve tried so many different products and formulas now so let me share them with you.

I adore powder products for the eyebrows because you don’t need to buy a brow specific product. I love using a mixture of Naked 2 and Faint from my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette as the colour match is brilliant and it’s so easy to apply. It also means you have a two in one product and you’re bound to have a decent brown brow shade somewhere in your makeup stash.

B Perfect Cosmetics sell a semi permanent Eyebrow Makeup Kit* that describes it as the ultimate definition brow product that’s said to last 24 hours. I chose the shade Irid Brown as it suggests that this shade is best for dark brown to black brow shades. Sadly this has a reddish undertone which shines through my naturally dark brows leaving me with a strange light halo. Although it applies really nicely I honestly can’t say whether it lasts any better than any other eyebrow product as I haven’t experienced running or fading with any of my brow products.

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On my lazy days when I just want to slap on my brows and nothing else I always opt for a pencil. My two favourites are the H&M Brow Specialist and Soap & Glory ArcheryThe H&M shade is only £2.99 so it’s a great affordable option however they only have three shades which can make colour matching a bit tricky. Archery is slightly different in the sense that the formula is more on the waxy side but the thin pencil makes application so easy. It’s easily my favourite high street brow pencil but I just haven’t repurchased it yet. Whilst looking on the H&M website to find a link I stumbled across their version of Archery which I will definitely have to try, see how they compare.

For a higher end option I have been loving the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil* in the shade Deep which works for when I want a more precise and bold brow. The slanted nib is great however it is a bit thick for me as I don’t need to fill too much in, I think the Precisely, My Eyebrow Pencil will work a lot better for me however the formula of this is pretty great. The packaging of these pencils are so cool and unique and they also come in six different shades which is brilliant.

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I shared my love for this product in my full review here and my thoughts still haven’t changed. The NYX Tame & Fram Brow Pomade has got to be my ultimate way to apply my brows. When I have more time and like to do my makeup properly I always use this and I just love the finish of it. My brows look perfectly sculpted and shaped but still natural looking at the same time. I’ve heard it’s a great dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade however I still haven’t tried it so I can’t report back on that one. I love that pomades are waxy so you get a great hold from the product as well as shape and definition, I also finish with a clear brow gel to lock everything in and hold it in place.

So, what’s your favourite way to apply your brows? Any product recommendations?

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*This post contains PR samples


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  • Ilah

    I really needed some tips on what products to use, since I’m looking for a new eyebrow product. This post was very very helpful and I’m going to try some of these products out for sure! xx

  • Catherine

    A pomade is definitely my favourite way to apply, I love the NYX one too! I used to use the Anastasia Dipbrow and I honestly can’t tell any difference between the two, infact the NYX one seems to be better so far as the ABH dried out quite quickly.

  • Lauren Victoria

    I always use Faint from the Naked Basic’s palette to fill in my brows too! But I really want to try the NYX pomade xx

    Lauren |

  • Jasmine

    Ooh your photography is just stunning girly!! Honestly love the composition and everything 🙂 Reading this post makes me realise I have many more brow products in my collection that I can recall! I used to love Archery until it finished, and I really like the Benefit goof proof. As far as pomades go, I haven’t got round to trying them out yet but I have heard fab things about the NYX one and the Freedom Makeup one. Personally, I love brow kits – highly recommend the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani brow box or the Natural Collection brow kit, which by the way, Natural Collection’s brow range is immense, should try it out! Loved this post xxx

    Jasmine ||

  • Siham

    The whole brow range from Benefit is amazing. I started loving Goof Proof and all of a sudden I caught myself only using Precisely My Pencil. That H&M pencil is also quite good, I gave mine to my mom but still have to pick one up!

    | |