Teeth Whitening & Sensitivity

I think most people lust are pearly white teeth that dazzle, I know I certainly do but getting the results I want can be so hard and certainly takes some time. Until recently teeth whitening strips were very hard to come by in the UK but luckily more and more brands are hopping on board the Crest Whitening Strips train and we finally have some options. Today I’m sharing how I tackle teeth whitening and sensitivity and whether these strips actually work.

Rapid White Express Whitening Strips* – £23.00
I’ve used the Crest whitening strips before and always found them so annoying and uncomfortable once they were on so I was intrigued by the aspect that these dissolved in the mouth. This kit lasts for 7 days, it includes 14 pouches, each containing two dissolvable strips, one for the top and one for the bottom. It promises visibly whiter teeth in just seven days and all you have to do is leave the strips on for 5-7 minutes twice a day.

I only used one a day as I know my teeth can become super sensitive and I have only used one weeks worth so far. From the very first use I noticed that my teeth were a lot whiter, I couldn’t have been happier with the results. The strips have a strange citrus taste but once I got used to it I was okay. It wasn’t the most easiest thing to put on, espeically the bottom strip as it kept getting stuck on my lips. As for the dissolving, mine didn’t dissolve fully but for the most part it did and I just gently brushed off the excess once the time was up. Pretty simple and easy to use, I like that you don’t have to peel off anything like you do with the Crest strips.

Teeth Whitening & Sensitivity - 2PIN IT!

Rapid White Instant Whitening Toothpaste* – £8.00
This whitening toothpaste promises to whiten teeth 1.5 shades lighter after just one 2 minute brushing session, it sounds pretty farfetched but it does actually work. I instantly noticed brighter whiter teeth, I was so impressed with it. I use my normal toothpaste before using the strips and this toothpaste to gently brush off the excess of the strips.

The trouble that I experienced with these two products is that although they are brilliant and do provide noticeably whiter teeth, I experienced such sensitivity which is why I stopped after just one week. I was happy with the results by then and will top them up again in the future.

Teeth Whitening & Sensitivity - 3PIN IT!

To battle my sensitivity I use one brand and one brand only, no other sensitive toothpaste brand has ever worked for me. Even when the dentist prescribed me special toothpaste I stopped using it and went back to Sensodyne as it’s just brilliant. I mentioned in my Pregnancy Products Worth Having post that this brand really helped with my sensitive teeth and bleeding gums that occurs during pregnancy.

Sensodyne Repair & Protect Daily Toothpaste* – £4.50
I used this toothpaste as normal before using the whitening strips however as I tried the whitening toothpaste as well and suffered with sensitive teeth again, I knew that once I stopped using the Rapid White products that things would calm down and go back to normal, and they did. Within a week my teeth felt a lot less sensitive and my gums stopped hurting, something which I haven’t experienced before.

Teeth Whitening & Sensitivity - 4PIN IT!

Sensodyne Coolmint Mouthwash* – £5.00
To finish off my entire dental routine I always use a mouthwash, it just helps to freshen the breath further and I feel as though it helps my pesky sensitive teeth that little bit more. Most mouthwashes burn my mouth or taste awful but this one doesn’t do either. It’s designed for long lasting sensitivity care and I can honestly say that my symptoms have completely calmed down.

Although Sensodyne is a pricey brand as a toothpaste option, it’s definitely worth the price, they are usually on offer in a supermarket and you can’t put a price on healthy teeth. If you want to whiten your teeth but suffer with sensitivity then I highly recommend getting some Sensodyne in as a back up, ready for when it hits. We can have white dazzling smiles as well, we just need extra tools to achieve it.

How do you whiten your teeth? Which products would you recommend for teeth whitening and sensitivity?

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  • Kiss & Make-up

    I’ve used Crest whitening strips and Alpine White whitening strips and both made my teeth a little but not overly sensitive.

    • Claudia
      Kiss & Make-up

      I’ve never heard of Alpine strips before but you’re lucky you didn’t suffer with great sensitivity, wish I didn’t but these products definitely helped! xx