Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette

Urban Decay are without a doubt my favourite brand for palettes and eyeshadows. I adore their lipsticks as well but MAC are still a firm contender with them. I always go a little crazy when I hear about a new release from Urban Decay – I still perv over the Naked Smoky palette on a regular basis, but last years exciting release was the Naked on the Run palette.


The packaging for this palette is gorgeous, all rose gold and pretty, it’s quite bulky but I still love it. Although it looks and feels sturdy, I did drop mine and the bronzer and blusher cracked a little bit. The eyeshadows were fine but the face products didn’t hold up so well. Maybe the powders being so soft and buttery has something to do with them being so fragile?

This palette is aimed at being travel friendly (not too sure I would trust taking it my suitcase knowing it didn’t even last a tiny drop on the floor) but it contains everything you would need for a holiday…or a quick escape from the country. It contains 6 new shades, one of which is larger than the rest and I actually use it as a highlighter, a bronzer, blusher, travel size eyeliner and mascara and a full size Naked lipgloss.


The Naked Sesso lipgloss  is a very pretty soft pinky nude shade that’s great for daytime wear. It is a little sticky to wear but not as bad as other lipglosses I have tried. The packaging of the lipgloss is so cute, I really like it.

Stag 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil is a dark brown shade with a slight hint of shimmer. It’s a lovely shade and a great alternative to a black liner. I have quite a few of their eyeliners now and nothing compares to them, they last so well on the lid and the shade range is great.

Included in the palette is a travel-size version of their Perversion mascara and after using this up, I went and bought it in full size. I love the big thick brush and it coats my lashes really well. I will be writing a full review on this so keep your eyes peeled for that.


The bronzer is slightly on the orange side but with a light hand does look really pretty. The blusher is a typical pink shade that looks great on my pale complexion and the eyeshadow 5050  I actually use as a highlighter as it’s not too shimmery or over the top, it’s a great shade for daytime wear but also looks great on the lid too.


Dive  is the only shade in the palette to have a rose gold tone to it, similar to Liar from the Naked 3 palette, it’s just a tad lighter. Very shimmery shade but very pretty.

Fix and Dare  are the only two matte shades with Dare being slightly darker. They don’t have amazing pigmentation as they take a bit of building up to get a strong colour but good for subtle or natural looking eye makeup.

Resist  and Stun are another two shimmery shades and are both so so pretty. I love both of these a lot and like to wear them blended out all over the lid with a bit of eyeliner for a quick soft take on a smoky eye. They also have amazing pigmentation as opposed to the matte shades.

I am super impressed with this palette and I love that the eyeshadow shades are all unique to this set. Urban Decay without a doubt produce the best eyeshadows in terms of pigmentation and shade range. Although the matte colours aren’t as pigmented as the shimmery shades, they are still really pretty once built up.

For someone who likes minimal makeup or someone who doesn’t own a lot of makeup, I think this palette would be perfect for them as it has everything you would need all in one place.

Have you got the Naked on the Run palette? Which palette is your favourite?



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  • Sophie

    I bought this palette back around October last year when it was reduced in Debenhams and I really don’t get as much use out of it as I’d like! I love the mascara and use that fairly regularly, but the rest of the set remains untouched. It isn’t that I don’t like it (other than the lip gloss), it’s just that I find it very bulky and I find myself reaching for Naked 2 way more than I reach for this. But I think this is a great set if you’re new to Urban Decay so you can experience some of the best bits that they have to offer!

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

  • Jayd Alice

    I love that you can use this palette for just about everything and it’s good for travelling (with care though, obvs). The packaging is gorgeous too, I might try and get my hands on it! x

    Always, Alice

  • Emma Heapy

    This palette has been on my wihslist for ages! I love their naked glosses so I may aswell just buy the whole palette! xx
    Glossy Boutique

  • Jackie

    I saw this online but passed it up but now I want it and have it on my wish list. I don’t have anything from UD but hope this year that changes.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  • Kiss & Make-up

    This really looks like a beautiful kit for traveling.

  • zaynab

    love this sett , so great for traveling