Christy Bed Linen With Baby G

There’s just nothing better than clean sheets on your bed, well apart from brand-spanking new bed linen altogether! What better way to test my new Christy Chantilly Cream* bed linen than with a photoshoot with my favourite little man. And yes they are G approved.

Although it’s labeled cream, it definitely appears white to me. I don’t know why white linen is so desirable, a freshly made bed just looks so inviting with crisp white bedsheets. The Chantilly duvet set is made from 100% cotton and has stunning embroidery all over the set. I’ve never owned such fancy linen before and I’m a little frightened to use it if I’m honest, the cats are definitely not welcome on my bed now.

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The set came packaged in separate clear plastic sleeves with zips which is so luxurious and a great way to protect them between uses. I received the double sized duvet cover, standard pillowcases and Oxford pillowcases which features a wide flat fabric edge along the perimeter and adds extra elegance.

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The material is just so incredibly soft and George loved lying all over it and testing it out, he kept squealing with joy. I love the embroidery, it’s so pretty and the simplicity of the set is just what I love. My new copper pillows and grey throw really match well with the set as well. Christy is such a premium brand and the quality is excellent. They are definitely a splurge product but you can tell as soon as you touch the fabric that the quality is nothing you will ever find on the high street and it will certainly last a really long time if looked after properly. I thought Next had good quality bed sets, Christy has knocked them out the park. When I mentioned to my mum that I was asked to try a bed set from Christy she got all excited. Instagram/Pinterest worthy bed linen, yes please!

Will you be trying a bed set from Christy?


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