Bubble T – Bubbles & Tea Edition

I love discovering new brands and trying out new products, who doesn’t?! A new brand that I have totally fallen in love with is Bubble Ta bath and body brand that not only is cruelty free and paraben free, their products have the cutest packaging ever! I have heard of the brand before however I had never looked into their products and didn’t know what they had to offer. I was definitely missing out!

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I was kindly sent some of the products from their newest range, Bubbles & Tea and was oohhing and ahhing as I opened the package. The scent is Summer Fruits Tea which is a blend of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and white tea. I love tea, fruit or good old English, I have at least 5 cups a day – #sorrynotsorry and now I can enjoy a cuppa whilst actually bathing in it?! I received three products, Bath FizziesBody Spray and the Bath Infusion T-bags which really makes me giggle with the “Don’t drink me” but have to be the best concept I have seen for a product yet.

Now the scent of these are just incredible, they smell amazing! Such a lovely blend, all the notes work really well together to create a sweet fruity infusion. I find the scent fairly strong, not overpowering but you can most definitely tell it’s there, so if you’re not a fan of the strong fruity scents, keep that in mind if you make a cheeky order.

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Bubble T Bath Infusion T-Bags | £5.99*
I absolutely love these, they are so much fun and would make such a cute quirky gift. I feel like they were made with Alice in Wonderland in mind, totally the type of thing she would have in her pinafore! You hang a little bag under warm running water until the crystals have disappeared and then relax in your gorgeous smelling water, while sipping your own English brew of course.

Bubble T Bath Fizzies | £6.00*
The little bath fizzies are cute little balls that you just pop in your bath water. The packet suggests using 1-2 per bath however I use two every time for a more powerful scent. I don’t think they have a colour to them, I have a retro pink bath tub so any light pink shades never show up – it’s a serious problem people, white tubs all the way! Nevertheless, they smell great and I love bath bombs, they’re always fun.

Bubble T Body Spray | £2.99*
When I first received this I was a bit hesitant, not going to lie. I have a few body mists/sprays in my collection and the scents just don’t last on me at all. Although I love my Zoella Body Mist and Victoria’s Secret ones, they are untraceable on my skin within an hour. I spritzed this on my skin and wasn’t holding out much hope…until about three hours later I could smell something delicious and realised it was actually me. The scent lasts so long and although it softens down a bit, I love that I have a hint of fruitiness left on my skin.

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I love this range and can not wait to try more from them. Not only are they cruelty free – thumbs up – their products are so affordable and excellent quality. The packaging is just incredible, regarding their brand they have hit that nail on the head, they have it spot on. Other products in this range to try are a Bubble T Shower Jelly – £4.00, Bubble T Shower Gel – £2.99 and Bubble T Bath Oil Pearls – £5.99, I loved squeezing these in my bath as a kid!

I don’t think I could rave about this brand anymore if I tried so I’m just going to go and let you have a peruse of their products. The Bubble T range is available at Superdrug and from their online store.

Have you tried any products from Bubble T? What were your thoughts on them?


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