Decléor Skincare First Impressions

I’m always open to trying new skincare, especially products that sound amazing for my dry skin. I’ve said it in numerous posts before but I will always stick by it, I believe skincare items are the items that should be splurged on as you can’t turn back the clock once those wrinkles start creeping in, preventing them is a must. Today I bring you my first impressions on two new skincare items I have been trying from Decléor.

I’ve been removing my makeup with the Decléor Micellar Oil* everyday now and then applying the Decléor Aromessence Néroli Hydrating Oil Serum* afterwards and have noticed a difference in my skin already. These are just my first impressions though and only time will tell for sure just how good these products are.



Aimed at dehydrated skin, this concentrated 100% natural oil promises to smooth, provide comfort and bring radiance to the skin. On freshly cleaned skin, I apply two drops onto my fingertips and rub them together to warm the product up. I then apply to my most dehydrated areas, nose, cheeks and chin. I pat it in gently until the product seems to have soaked in a little. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or looking shiny, it does provide radiance and my skin looks glowing afterwards.

I believe you need to use an oil/serum for an extended period of time before you start to fully see results but so far I am impressed and my skin does feel and look a little better.

The only downside I have is that there isn’t a dropper, it does get a bit messy having to pour out the correct amount of product without it flooding into my hands but it’s a small issue and one I can look past. The frosted glass bottle is very luxurious looking and definitely durable, trust me I have dropped it a few times now!


Decléor Aromessence Néroli Hydrating Oil Serum – £44.00  Beauty Expert




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I was so excited to try this product. I have used numurous micellar products before, mostly waters in the form of Bioderma and Garnier and also the La Roche-Posay Micellar Gel but never an oil. It can be used on all skin types so if you suffer with oily skin, don’t click off continue to read!

Like most micellar products, it works by cleaning deep into the pores to remove impurities and dissolve makeup, including waterproof products. I’ve been using this to remove my makeup and also on my naked face days too just for a good clean and I love this product so much! Firstly it smells amazing, fresh and not too over powering. Secondly, it removes makeup so well and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth and clean. It looks radiant and glowing and doesn’t feel drying in the slightest.

I love how this also doesn’t contain any parabens which is just an added bonus. I can’t fault this product, it’s a brilliant product that has a firm spot in my skincare routine.

Decléor Micellar Oil – £25.00  Beauty Expert




I’m so impressed with these two new products and have throughly enjoyed using them so far. I can myself getting very attached to the micellar oil, it’s so great for my dry skin and so far so good on the face oil too. I’ve never tried anything by the brand Decléor brand before and I am so impressed.

Have you tried any of these products?


*PR sample