LUSH The Experimenter

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with LUSH, as soon as my stash starts to get a little low I get really  sad and the urge to go on a little spending spree online is always niggling away…currently the situation at the moment. I have recently reviewed a couple of LUSH’s new releases: Intergalactic and Yoga Bomb, both of which were amazing. My latest bath time pamper was The Experimenter.

LUSH The ExperimenterPIN IT!Visually The Experimenter  is just amazing, colours everywhere and a quirky shape, it’s a pretty huge bath bomb and for £3.95 is should be! It really is stunning looking and the smell is just as great, anything containing vanilla always wins me over.

4 LUSH ExperimenterPIN IT! 5 LUSH ExperimenterPIN IT!

As soon as I dropped it into the water there was an explosion of colours streaming out in different directions creating different patterns. There are so many bath bombs that I say “It’s the prettiest one I’ve seen” but this one actually is. It just looked amazing. Scent wise things were quite subtle which is unusual as most LUSH bath bombs are quite strong but this scent was just subtle and nice. It also contains very fine glitter which didn’t create a mess afterwards, thankfully, but the water did go a strange dark greyish colour, not as pretty as others but what do you expect with a huge mixture of colours!

Overall I have to say this was so lovely to use and I will most definitely be buying it again, was so relaxing and I loved that the scent was more subtle than other bath bombs.

Have you tried The Experimenter? What were thoughts on it?



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