Maybelline SuperStay 7 Day Nail Colour – Divine Wine

I thought I had already reviewed this polish, however after investing my old posts I noticed I had actually put the wrong name on another nail polish review, silly mistake. Now it’s all been fixed, today I bring you the actual review post for the lovely shade Divine Wine.

2 Maybelline Divine WinePIN IT!A gorgeous raspberry shade, it’s perfect for Autumn time, my favourite season! I loved this shade on my nails, it applied so well and evenly. You could most definitely get away with just one coat, however I opted for two for a richer finish. This colour didn’t last too well on my paws though, by about day four they had chipped on the ends and by day six one nail pretty much was completely bare. Four days is still impressive for a polish though, and for the gorgeous shade it’s totally worth it. It didn’t have as much of a glossy finish to it, even with the top coat applied afterwards but it was still very pretty nonetheless.

What do you think of this shade? Which nail polish shade is your favourite for Autumn?