Glamoriser Free-Styler

I used to always have a different hairstyle for work, I just loved playing around in the morning trying to create something different, most looks consisted of me with curly hair too, love curly locks. I love trying new things and couldn’t wait to try an on-the-go styler, I would have found the Glamoriser* so useful back in the days when we used to go out for dinner on Monday nights after work.

The Glamoriser Free-Styler is a cordless and lightweight straighter that is small enough to carry around in your handbag. It heats up in 120 seconds with a variable heat setting of up to 200°C. The ceramic plates are infused with Black Diamond Oil that leave your hair feeling soft and smooth and don’t snag as you are styling. I love how it comes with it’s own compact travel pouch and the plates can lock together meaning they won’t get broken. It has 4 blue lights that indicate how much power you have left and it also comes with a charger.

I have pretty straight hair naturally, it just flicks out here and there on the ends and at the back I have a natural wave, it doesn’t usually take a lot to straighten my hair and although curling is a longer process, I couldn’t wait to put this travel styler to the test to see what results I achieved. I always use the highest heat setting whenever I straighten my hair so I used this tool at it’s hottest temperature.

Glamoriser 3PIN IT!

Straightening my hair was easy, as it always is but I did notice that more wavy bits did take more heat or just stayed a little wavy. I’m never after the dead straight 90’s look anyway so this didn’t bother me, what I love though is how effortlessly the plates glided through my hair without a single snag. Afterwards, my hair was so silky and soft and super shiny which is down to the infused plates, I love the feel of my hair after using these, it feels amazing.

Glamoriser 4PIN IT!

I thought these would be ideal for a complete look that could take you from work straight onto a night out however I think my hair is far too long for that. Once my hair was straight, I then went onto curling it and I love the soft wavy/curly effect I got. Some bits curled better than others but again, the plates glided through seamlessly whereas with my GHD’s, I always  end up with a few less hairs after curling because I always catch bits, and it hurts! Trouble with this is that it is run by battery power so after 3/4 of the way through, the battery went flat and it takes at least 3 hours to charge fully, baring in mind I did just use them to straighten my hair first.Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.18.26PIN IT!

Glamoriser 6PIN IT!

I think this product is absolutely perfect for touch-ups or complete styles on shorter hair, mine’s nearly boob length again so there’s a lot to style. Shorter haired gals I think this would work a dream for you and for longer haired gals, this will be brilliant for touching up your curls before you head out or for a quick straighten to help with frizz or kinking that has occurred throughout the day.

The Glamoriser Free-Styler  is available from Beauty Expert  for £69.99, quite reasonable for an on-the-go straightener. It looks chic and depending on how you use it, it is a brilliant product.

Have you tried the Glamoriser? What were your thoughts on it?



  • Misia

    This looks great, actually! I chopped off a lot of my hair recently, went from boob-length hair that I’ve been just letting dry naturally for the past few years to an asymmetric bob, so I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by having to a) style it, and b) actually figure out what the hell to use to style it! This seems like a really useful little tool though, definitely better than the wide straighteners I’ve got now!

    Misia xx

  • Gemma

    This is such a genius idea for touch ups! I love that they’re cordless, and they’re so small! Your hair looks gorgeous.. I always have to straighten my hair before I curl it too otherwise I end up looking like a lion haha xxx