Esqido Little Black Lash Faux Lashes & Companion Lash Glue

I recently reviewed a pair of Esqido false eyelashes on my blog, the Unforgettable Lashes* and although they didn’t suit my eye shape, I did find the lashes to be of incredible quality and knew a more natural lash style would suit me better. Once my review was live, Esqido then contacted me again asking if I would like to try another pair and also their newly released lash glue. This was my opportunity to test whether their lashes did in fact suit me.

Although the Unforgettable Lashes are their second most natural pair available, they were still a little too fluttery for my eye shape, gorgeous lashes but just not suitable for me. I was asked to pick another pair and so I asked to try the Little Black Lash* style as these are their most natural pair and as mentioned, they also sent me the Esqido Eyelash Glue* to test out as well.

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All the lashes come boxed in the beautiful white and rose gold packaging which not only looks lovely, it’s very sturdy and will most definitely look after your lashes whilst they are not being used. If the lashes are looked after properly, they are said to be reusable for up to 25 times which is just incredible and for the $30.00 price tag, you definitely get your money’s worth. Esqido lashes are all made from naturally shed mink hair which makes them incredibly soft and look so natural.

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Although I’m still used to lashes with a thinner or invisible lash band, the Little Black Lash pair were so comfortable to wear and the band is very flexible and moulds to the eye shape really well. I have to trim off quite a bit of their lashes but I don’t mind that at all, it means the fit will be better.

As you can tell from the photographs, these lashes look incredible and so natural, as though I was blessed naturally in the lash department, they look beautiful and I love them.

6 Esqido Little Black Lash Faux Lashes & Companion Lash GluePIN IT!

Onto the lash glue, I’ve only ever used the Duo Lash Adhesive for applying fake lashes and although makeup artists rave about it, I found that it smelt funny and was such a pain to apply onto the lash band. It also contains latex and whenever I applied lashes, my eyes would water non-stop and I never clicked why until I tried the Esqido Companion Long Lasting Bond, this product is latex-free.

Not only is the packaging super cute – look at that rose gold lid – the product comes in a tube with a tiny paintbrush type nib. You just paint the glue onto the lashband with the fine nib and it’s so easy. I was taught to apply fake lashes at my makeup classes by placing a blob of glue on your hand and then slide your lashes through it, but if you’re not careful or not that steady, the glue can just go all over the lashes themselves, with this nib application is so incredibly easy. I found the product didn’t sting or make my eyes water at all and the lashes stayed put pretty well.

I wore this set to a BBQ and after lots of tear-jerking laughter and smoke in the eyes, I did find one lash became unstuck. This meant a run to the toilet to which I forgot my bag, had to run back without catching anyones eye so they wouldn’t see half my eyelash fluttery around aimlessly. This unwanted incident was totally down to me as I just didn’t apply enough glue, I knew at the time I hadn’t but I had it positioned perfectly and didn’t want to mess it up so I just left it – rookie error!

My final verdict, I have now been converted back to wanting to wear fake lashes again. These are so comfortable, they look fab and the glue is way better than Duo, they need to seriously up their game!

Which brand of lashes are your favourites? Have you tried Esqido?


*PR sample


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