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I don’t usually write this many pregnancy updates so close together but if you read my Pregnancy Update – 27 Weeks & Emergency Midwife post you will know that we had a little bit of a scare last week. Long story short, I had reduced movement so Brent and I went to the hospital so I could be monitored. We were booked into another scan and this post is the results of that scan and also my midwife appointment yesterday.

We had a third scan on Wednesday, this consisted of a sonographer checking the baby and recording measurements to check that everything was going well. We then waited 50 minutes – man I was hangry – for a midwife to check over the results and plot his weight on my growth chart. She said that everything is fine and looking normal, at the time of the scan and since we had the emergency, Pip hasn’t actually stopped wriggling around at all which is brilliant. However, she said at the moment he is average size and just comes on the line on my chart. To check that he doesn’t fall under the preferred weight line, we have another scan booked in for two weeks time to check his growth. So far they are just saying he will be a small baby, if his weight is under the line I don’t know what that entails but we will just focus on that if it happens when the time comes. For now we know he is healthy and the correct weight so I think all will be okay.

At my midwife appointment yesterday I had yet another stand-in community midwife due to my actual one being on annual leave again which is slightly annoying as I haven’t had any consistent people so far. Not to worry though as this time my sister came along to the appointment which was lovely. She got very excited when she heard the heartbeat and the midwife said it was strong which is great to hear. Glad that the checkup had no issues at all, a relief!

How far along? 28 weeks today, third trimester! Woop woop! Only 3 months left to go, I can not wait!

Total weight gain: I am now only counting my weight after I put back on what I had lost during morning sickness so I have only gained 15lbs so far.

Maternity clothes? Still only one pair of maternity jeans, a top and I did have to get a maternity swimsuit too.

Cravings? Nothing at all.

Stretch marks? I said in my last update that I had 3 small ones on my thighs but I actually think they were there before I was pregnant, Brent thinks they aren’t new either so I haven’t had any so far.

Best moments this week? After our scare, knowing that everything was okay was such a huge relief. It was so scary, we were both having the worst thoughts which we obviously didn’t share with each other until after we knew everything was ok.

Miss anything? Being able to bend down properly, everything gets squished now and it feels so uncomfortable. Queue the “You wait until you’re bigger” comments…

Movement? Loads! Apart from the Sunday when he gave us a fright, since then he hasn’t stopped moving and I love it. He also has hiccups a lot nowadays and it feels so funny.

Anything making you queasy or sick? No nothing at all.

Gender? Boy!

Symptoms? Heartburn pretty much everyday and I have gotten leg cramps a couple of times now. Also, since everything gets pushed up and squashed during pregnancy, I’m finding that I’m getting short of breathe really easily. I have to make sure I sit up straight and don’t hunch over otherwise I feel like I can’t breathe. This is apparently totally normal, but so uncomfortable.

Sleep? Restless. 5am without fail I need the loo and then I can’t get back to sleep until I literally collapse with exhaustion later on in the day.

Belly button in or out? It’s gone flat! So strange.

Happy or moody most of the time? Mostly happy but peoples comments are really starting to bug me and I can’t seem to let them go. Something happened last week which I won’t share but it’s been nearly a week and it’s still grating on me, it’s clear that I’m a lot more sensitive at the moment.

Looking forward to? The final stretch, I can’t wait to meet him now. We are buying his pram today (hopefully) and his changing table has been ordered and we are picking it up tomorrow, so excited for things to start taking shape.

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How are you getting on in your pregnancy?



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