Maybelline Superstay 7 Day Gel Nail Colour | Pink in the Park

I just had to share this beautiful shade from the Maybelline Superstay 7 Day Gel Nail Polish range as not only is it a beautiful shade, the formula of this one is the best I have tried yet!

I have tried so many different shades from this line now, I have about 12 colours in total and had to pick up Pink in the Park as soon as I saw it, I’m sure it’s new as I haven’t seen it before. I also noticed another gorgeous shade which will be coming up on the blog soon.


This shade is a typical bubblegum, Barbie pink, candyfloss on your nails if you will and it’s a beauty! Sounds so silly but I couldn’t stop staring at my nails when I had it on. I love the brushes on these polishes as they are flat which makes application so easy and a lot less messy, I barely have to clean up around the edges with these. I did need to apply three coats to some nails but I wanted a really rich opaque colour but you can easily get away with two layers. The wear time on this polish was incredible! It lasted 7 days and only had one tiny tiny chip on just one nail. I do apply the Maybelline Superstay Top Coat now and it really prolongs wear and adds a glossy shine. Without the top coat this polish is still extremely glossy on it’s own.

I am so so happy with this shade and although I’ve just applied my other new shade, I want to put this one back on, it’s just so pretty.

What’s your favourite shade of nail polish to wear?