Little Lush Haul

I spent the last weekend at my sister, Viv’s, place which meant shopping. With Brent being away for two weeks for his work, I booked myself in for four days with her, shopping and going out for dinner, it was brilliant. But now I miss her and Brent. Since my town doesn’t have a Lush and her’s does, I took the opportunity to stock up on some favourites and new goodies.

I love to use a bubble bar and a bath bomb for my weekly Sunday bath indulgence and stocked up on the couple of bubble bars I love. My favourite being Brightside, a gorgeous citrus blend, it smells amazing in the bath. The priciest at over £4.00 each, I couldn’t resist picking up two. My second favourite is the Creamy Candy bubble bar as it’s the same scent as snow fairy and it’s gorgeous. Who doesn’t want their bath to smell like a sweet shop?

For bath bombs I went a little crazy, it’s hard not too. Viv recommended Tisty Tosty as she said the real rose petals look really pretty in the bath and it does look gorgeous. It also smells great and not too overpowering. I’m pretty sure I’ve had Butterball but I’m not 100% sure. It smells so so good, products with cocoa butter in are definitely my favourite, so soothing on the skin. I was really intrigued by Big Blue what with the seaweed and sea salt but I’m kinda getting a deja vu like I’ve used it before…not sure. This is what happens when you’re a complete crazy Lush addict, you forget what you have or haven’t tried. I have used Fizzbanger before, I can’t resist popping candy in the bath bombs, they are always so fun.

Finally, I picked up May Day completely unaware of the cause, I bought it purely for the scent as to me it smells a bit like liquorice, yum. Now for the cause, for every May Day bath bomb that is sold all the proceeds (minus the vat) goes towards their Votes For Animals campaign. Had I known this – there weren’t any signs and the staff didn’t inform me – I would have bought about four, but every little helps I guess!

Which Lush products would you recommend?