Fossil 1954 For Men | Boyfriend Approved

Sorry I haven’t posted a lot over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been very ill but today I feel a little better and thought it was about time I uploaded a new post. A different type of post today, I am writing a review on a man’s fragrance. It was Brent’s idea as he loves this scent and we both realised that Fossil isn’t a very talked about brand.

Brent was looking for a new scent and we came across this one in their Lakeside store. Fossil is one of his favourite brands and he instantly asked for this as a future present. It smells incredible, by far the best male scent I’ve had the pleasure of whiffing.


I think the packaging is great, it’s different and looks really cool. Very weighty, it’s excellent quality. I love the little plaque hanging down and the wooden cap, reminds me of something a suffer would own. Scent wise, as I said above definitely the best male scent I have ever smelt. It has a blend of Italian bergamot and clary sage with underlaying scents of vanilla, sandalwood and black rose, it’s quite earthy and very masculine. It just smells incredible, you need to smell it!

Price wise, 50ml is £49 which is pricey but for the quality of the product, both packaging and scent it’s totally worth it. If your partner or whoever you buy this for is anything like Brent and loves their scents, it will be worth it as they can chop and change between their collection, therefore this one will last longer. I bought his online here and it took forever to arrive but it is available in all Fossil stores. It also comes in rollerball form. The female scent, here also smells gorgeous and is available in both the bottle and rollerball form, I will definitely be picking this up in the near future. Matching boyfriend and girlfriend scents? Yes we are that couple.

Have you tried anything from Fossil?



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