YSL Touche Éclat

I bought this in a set that I found in the sale a while ago but when I started using it the first time round I really wasn’t impressed. It didn’t seem to sit right on my skin or blend very well and overall, it just looked odd. I left it for a bit and decided to give it another go at the beginning of this year, luckily this time around my thoughts changed.

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Housed in the gorgeous gold packaging, it’s easily one of the best looking products I own. You click the black button on the end and this dispenses the product out onto the brush. First time round it’s fair to say you have to sit there clicking for a good 20 times before anything comes out but otherwise it’s a really handy way of using a product.

It’s said to cover dark circles and highlight areas however I found it’s not too great to use as a concealer. When I do use it as a concealer it doesn’t last five minutes before it’s gone a bit patchy and generally doesn’t really cover the area either. I like to apply another under eye concealer first and then use this in specific places around my face: under eyes, centre of my nose and cupids bow to highlight my face. This way it works beautifully and leaves a gorgeous subtle glow to the skin. When the light catches my skin in a certain way, you can really see the highlight but it’s soft and pretty and not over the top. When used this way, I found the light creamy product blends into other products beautifully and never sits in any dry patches.

I use the shade 1 Luminous Radiance and this on me has a slight peach undertone to it. It blends in really nicely and looks particularly gorgeous when I pair it with the YSL Touche Éclat Foundation. Although at first I was unimpressed, I have really warmed to this product and think it’s a lovely product to have if you like your highlighters. Definitely one for the spring/summer months to come.

For £25.00 it definitely isn’t cheap but I’ve found a little goes a long way and this has lasted me quite a while. YSL is such a great brand, not only do they offer great products but their packaging for me is most definitely the most stunning!

Have you tried Touche Éclat? What are your thoughts on it?



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