Lush Twilight

Being a huge lover of most Lush products there really isn’t much that I haven’t tried now. One product that did seem to silently slip pass me is their Twilight bath bomb. A pretty pink ball, dotted with blue here and there and stars and moon shapes, it’s very pleasing to look at. Scent wise it’s the same blend as their – and also my favourite product by them – Luxury Lush Pud.


Once popped in the bath, pink and blue fizzed out and teeny tiny glitter particles came with it. Very very subtle but still pretty nonetheless. Although the scent is lavender, it really wasn’t that strong at all. My nose gets seriously twitchy with too much lavender and I get a headache but that was not the case here.

A very pretty bath that smelt delightful, however I must say I definitely prefer Luxury Lush Pud to this, it’s just a lot more pleasing to the eyeballs.

What’s your favourite LUSH product?