LUSH | Floating Flower

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with LUSH, everyone that reads my blog or knows me in real life knows I can’t resist having a look whenever I am near a store and I recently came away with some products from their Valentine’s Day collection. Last year I didn’t manage to try anything at all so this year I went out of my way to get some bits.

2 LUSH | Floating FlowerPIN IT!

The first product I tried was a bath bomb called Floating Flower and looks so pretty. The colours are so bright and vivid and it’s a decent size for £3.50. I loved the little clip on Lush’s website that shows the product in use and it made me want to try it instantly. Sadly I was a little over zealous and just chucked mine in the bath and it went to a big foamy ball, not pretty like the video clip.

However the smell was lovely and the bath water was really soft and nourishing on my skin. Unfortunately I have a retro bath time and don’t get to enjoy the products fully as I can’t see the vibrant colours but the light floral scent filled the bathroom and it was lovely to relax in.

I would buy this one again but next time I hope to use it in a white bathtub and I’ll gently place the product in so I can watch the pretty colours flow out.

Have you tried Floating Flower? What were your thoughts on it?