Brand Focus | Juicy Couture

Last year I decided I would start dedicating whole posts to brands that I love and started with Fiorelli. I rave about Juicy Couture all the time and thought it was about time that I dedicated an entire post to my most favourite perfume brand. Hands down the best fragrance brand around.

I love the look of all the bottles, they are just so pretty and really eye catching. The scents though are just dreamy. The perfume that I adore the most is definitely Couture Couture (far left) it just smells so insanely good. It’s a little floral but mixed with sandalwood, it makes for a great evening scent that smells really sophisticated.

Couture La La is my next favourite scent from the brand. It’s more on the fruity side and perfect for summertime. The bottle is super cute too, just look at that huge pink bow!

My most recent purchase is Viva La Juicy Noir which I picked up in the Boxing Day sales and it’s utterly gorgeous. Another one that’s suited for evening time, it’s a lovely blend of fruity scents, vanilla, amber and sandalwood and creates a beautiful aroma. In the box set, I received a tiny bottle of this scent too, how cute is that little bottle!?

Finally I have a very handy rollerball that I used non-stop in the summer and during my tip to Morocco. It was a bargain price of £9.99 from Debenhams and contains 5ml of Malibu and Couture La La Malibu. Both of these scents were released last summer as their Malibu Collection. These are both really fruity and fresh scents and are perfect for summer time. To me they both smell pretty similar and they are both lovely.

I have started my own personal mission of owning all the Juicy Couture fragrances. They are all reasonably priced and last really well on my skin, not to mention their scents are just beautiful.

Have you tried any Juicy Couture perfumes? Which is your favourite?