Zoella Beauty

Most people have heard of Zoella, aka Zoe Sugg and having been a subscriber to her channels for about 3 years now, I of course rushed out to buy her first range of beauty releases. I heard that some stores sold out of her products within hours of them being released. It took me a while to get my paws on everything that I wanted and ended up buying from two different places. Her products are available from Superdrug and Feel Unique.

The entire range is the same floral scent which at first I was a bit “eh” about. It reminded me of products I used to buy when I was in my teens but since her following is said to be aged between 11- 17 (I disagree and think it’s 11-26 maybe older) I wasn’t surprised about the scent. It has grown on me now and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the products I bought.

2PIN IT!A quick touch on packaging, I have to say it’s spot on, I adore it. The colours are so pretty together and the look as a whole has Zoe’s vibe written all over it, perfect.

Fizz Bar – £5.00
This was one of the products I was most excited about. I love my Lush products and couldn’t wait to see how this compared. The scent isn’t too strong and it’s brilliant how you get about 10 chunks that can be broken off separately or used as one. They fizz for a while and nothing really happens but they smell nice. The only thing I would change would be that it turns your water a girly pink, something that makes the bath a little more pleasing for the eyeballs.

Guinea Pig Beauty Bag – £8.00
I loved the look of both of the bags and since I own way too many anyway, I stuck to just one make-up bag. I love the greeny blue on the eyes makeup bag but something about a guinea pig in glasses makes me giggle and so I chose that one. The bag is the perfect size, it fits so much in without loosing shape and it’s nice and compact for travelling. It’s easy to clean inside and out which is always handy. I may end up with the other make-up bag in the future as I would totally use one as a wash bag at the gym.

Soak Opera Bath Soak & Shower Gel – £5.00
For a small price you get a hefty 490ml of product which is great. I haven’t actually used this in the bath yet so I can’t comment on bubbles but I love it as a shower gel. It lathers up really well and the shea butter that’s in the ingredients leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth with a lingering hint of the scent.

Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist – £9.50
The bottle of this is just so darn pretty, it looks fab in my fragrance collection. The scent is the same as the other products, light and florally but it’s a great one for day wear and if you prefer a mist over a heavy scent. It doesn’t have the best staying power on my skin but it’s a great price and I wouldn’t expect it to last all day long anyway.

Let’s Glow Fragranced Candle – £5.00
This is probably my favourite product out of everything. I just love the tin and the pretty packaging, I’m a sucker for visually pleasing products. The candle burns really well and the scent isn’t too overpowering which for me is spot on. Unfortunately, I left mine burning for too long and the wick ended up falling over and getting covered in wax but I am going to repurchase it at the weekend.

Overall I am super impressed with Zoe’s first beauty range and can’t wait to see what else she releases next year. Since her new book, Girl Online was released today, I thought it was very fitting to write my Zoella Beauty review today. She has achieved so much and she’s still just as humble and down to earth as she’s always been. Such a huge following and she’s still the same amazing girl, she’s brilliant. Yes I am 100% a Zoella fan and I am proud!

Have you tried any of the Zoella Beauty products? What are your thoughts?