Adventure #3 | Morocco

It’s been a week since Brent and I came back from our holiday in Marrakech, Morocco. It’s feels as though the holiday was a month ago, not a week, crazy how time flies and life goes back to normal so quickly.

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The holiday in general was mainly a time for us to spend some time together properly in our own space. We spent most of our time lounging by the pool, reading, swimming and playing ping pong. We ventured out a couple of times throughout the week.

We booked an excursion, The History of Marrakech on the Monday which was roughly half way through our week. Being history buffs, we were both really excited to go on this trip. During the 4 hour tour, we visited Koutoubia Mosque (which was right by our hotel and in picture 8) Bahia Palace and the Saadiens Tombs. Everything was so interesting and different, it was amazing to see.

On two separate occasions, we visited the main market area and also the Souks which are a covered labyrinth of markets but you could easily get lost in there, it was so twisty and tangly. We had a couple of bartering experiences, the first one being really easy and fun, the second went from a lovely helpful man to a really intimidating one in a flash, it was so so awkward and really put us off doing it any more. Every person you walk past in the markets or souks are trying to get you into their store to buy stuff so it can get tiring saying “No thank you” every couple of seconds. There were so many abandoned cats which for an animal lover, really made me sad as they all looked so ill and skinny but they were still cute! I saw about 50 cats but only about 3 stray dogs.

The whole experience was great though, such a different way of living.  We have decided we would go back to Morocco as it was so interesting and the weather was amazing. However, we would go to the coast, Casablanca next time, be great to see a different city.

Have you ever been to Morocco?



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