The Secrets of Blogging | TAG

A different kind of post today but I thought it would be fun. I haven’t done a tag post in a while and love to do them every now and again so thank you Sara for tagging me!

When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging on September 18th 2011…wow really, 3 years this year! I started blogging because I was obsessed with YouTube videos back then as well and Fleur mentioned that she had a blog. I read it one day and thought “I could do this” so I set it up. I then cancelled it half way through, but then set it up properly a few days later.

How many people in real life know about your blog?

Pretty much everyone. All my family, friends and Brent know. I tell people in interviews and it’s on my CV. I believe that it’s nothing to be ashamed/embarrassed about. To me it’s a hobby that I absolutely love and I have the right to share that with the world. Interviewers are always interested as it’s a very creative outlet which most people like to hear about. Brent is super supportive of my blog and regularly shares my posts on Facebook, he reads them in his spare time (without being asked) and he helps me write my food/fitness posts. He’s my outfit photographer and I just know he loves my temper tantrums when a fashion picture doesn’t turn out right hehe. I can’t imagine keeping something I’m so passionate about from him, we high-five every time I get a follower, I love sharing it with him.

What are your favourite posts to read?

My favourite types of posts to read are definitely hauls and beauty swap posts. I am obsessed with US make-up, I really wish that we could all have the exact same make-up selections. I also love reviews on hyped up products as I always find it interesting to see if people agree about HG products.

List a blog you discovered recently?

A blog I discovered recently is amyalaska. I’m not sure how I can across Amy’s blog, I think it was maybe in a recent post by someone sharing their favourite bloggers at the moment but her blog is beautiful and I love reading it.

Which posts are you most proud of?

I have a few posts that I’m proud of. My most recent one is the Triangl Bikini Dupe post as I like how much info I put in it. I also love my Save VS Splurge posts, part 1 and part 2 as they took me ages to get together and write and I loved the response I got from them. And finally, I’m pretty proud of my Maybelline Master Drama Chromatic Eyeliner review purely because I love the eye swatches I included…and because I’ve never been able to do my eyeliner like that since.

Which advice would you give future bloggers?

My advice would be to definitely blog about what you love. Don’t just blog about things you think readers will love, blog about what you enjoy and what you want to write about as your passion will shine through the post and the followers will come. Also, interaction. Twitter, Instagram anything that gets you talking to like-minded people is great. I’ve met (not in person yet) some amazing blogging friends through my blog and twitter and it feels so good to be able to talk and share my passion with like-minded people.

I tag Jessica from Jessica Charlotte, Amy from A Little Boat Sailing, Alexandra from The A Style, Annabelle from Mascara & Maltesers, Ashlynn from A Beauty Moment and Chanelle from Chanellejade. Girls, it’s your time to answer these questions you gorgeous bunch!



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