Quick Healthy Breakfast | Healthy Recipe Ideas

American style pancakes have to be my favourite ever snack and I love this quick healthy breakfast idea. It leaves me feeling full but I don’t feel guilty at all when I eat this. I’ve had this every morning for the past couple of months, it’s super quick and easy to make and tastes amazing.


You will need –

Pancakes, strawberries, blueberries, greek yoghurt and syrup/honey.

I use 50/50 pancakes as they have the goodness of wholemeal (I am yet to find all wholemeal pancakes) I also use syrup over honey as I have a huge sweet-tooth. A tiny bit of syrup isn’t going to make this unhealthy as it’s loaded with fruit and greek yoghurt. Lots of protein and fibre here!


Pretty simple and obvious to make but I just toast the pancakes for about 2 minutes until they are to my liking. I then place two tablespoons of greek yoghurt on top, drizzle some syrup over it and then add the fruit. I love blueberries and strawberries together. The yoghurt makes it more filling and the syrup adds a touch of sweetness. Perfect healthy breakfast.

I want to try and write more recipe posts as Brent makes an amazing noodle dish for dinner that I want to share with you all. Let me know if you like these types of post. I find them great for finding inspiration for my own meals.

Will you be making this for your breakfast now? Let me know what you think!



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