Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balms | Review & Swatches

These little tubes are kinda love or hate in the beauty world. Some people think they are amazing, others think they aren’t worth the hype. I personally loved the original Maybelline Baby Lips line and have used them so much since they were released. Admittedly some more than others. I adore Quenched which is nearly all used up and also all 3 slightly pigmented shades; Peach KissPink Punch and Cherry Me. I like them all because they offer moisture and the others are slightly pigmented to just add a hint of colour.

So far with the new Maybelline Baby Lips Electro line, I’ve read a couple of posts telling you to miss the new release. I personally think they are worth the small £2.99 price tag if you just want an easy lipbalm option to throw in you handbag for day to day life. Here are my thoughts…

First up, I love the packaging. Whereas before, each tube was the shade it represented or a different shade in general, the Electro lip balms are all back tubes with vibrant lettering that represents the shade of the balm. Black and vibrant colours always work well together and I think these look cute. Each lip balm also smells amazing too!

The swatches above are quite heavily swatched, maybe back and fourth about 3 times with the exception of Pink Shock which took one swipe. The pigmentation of these aren’t amazing I’m not going to lie. They do take layering up if you want a more vibrant colour but for me, that’s okay. Whenever I apply a lip balm, I never just swipe once across my lips, I always go back and fourth multiply times, I don’t now why, I just do.

I wanted to show you how each colour looked with one layer and layered up. I will admit now though, that a couple of the shades didn’t come off as bright as they actually are when layered up. I feel like a bad beauty blogger! *sad face*

Pink Shock – This is definitely the most pigmented out of the bunch. With just one layer, it leaves a slight hint of pink to the lips and once layered up, it provides a glossier more vibrant colour to the lips. This is also my most favourite shade as it’s a beautiful pink and offers the most colour. It also leaves a slight pink stain on my lips once it’s worn off. Pink Shock smells like berries to me, really nice and refreshing.

Oh! Orange! With on layer this shade doesn’t really show any colour but once layered up it looks like the swatch. An orange hint to the lips that’s quite glossy and an orange scent, it’s a lovely change from the normal pink lip.

Berry Bomb – This is the weakest pigmentation out of the four. One layer doesn’t really offer any type of coverage or colour and once built up on my lips it appears patchy in colour and still not very vivid or pigmented. I do have very pigmented lips naturally so that could have something to do with it. Berry Bomb smells like blackcurrants to me, probably the least favourite scent wise.

Strike a Rose This is the prettiest of the bunch in the tube and the colour I was drawn to immediately. It’s a vivid neon coral. One layer on the lips does provide a slight hint of colour but once layered, it’s a glossier more vibrant coral on the lips. Strike a Rose just smells really fruity to me, it’s lovely and definitely comes second to Pink Shock.

Longevity I would say they last a maximum of about 1-2 hours and that’s with eating and drinking. Formulation wise, they advertise that they offer 8 hour hydration which I will tell you now isn’t the case. Probably the same as wear time, 1-2 hours. I am yet to find a lipbalm that lasts that long but it doesn’t bother me. I am constantly applying lipbalm whether my lips need it or not. And although they are coloured balms, I find that they are still easily applied without a mirror. There wasn’t any feathering or smudging on my lips once these were one.

For the small price tag, I think they are a lovely addition to your lip balm drawer. If you want to only try one, I would recommend Pink Shock or Strike a Rose and I’d say give Berry Bomb a miss. I’ve kept this post honest and to the point as yes they don’t offer what’s advertised but they still work. If you know of a lip balm that lasts 8 hours let me know, I’ve got the Nuxe one and even that doesn’t offer the best hydration for me.

These Maybelline Electro Baby Lips are currently on 3 for 2 at Boots which you can order here.

Will you be trying these new shades out? What are your thoughts on them?



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