Clinique Redness Solutions Primer | Review

I’ve never really seen myself as having any redness, I don’t know what mirror I was looking in because I really do! I used to just have red bits here and there but it seems to have gotten worse over the last few months. I was struggling with foundations, most didn’t sit right on my skin and one day I just had an a sudden though that it might be because my complexion naturally was uneven. I did a bit of research and that’s when I came across the Clinique Redness Solutions Primer. It’s designed to even out the skin-tone, tone down any redness whilst providing SPF 15 protection for all skin types.


The primer come’s in a green tube with silver lettering and lid. It’s simple and compact and fits nicely in my slim Muji drawers. The primer itself is green in colour which counteracts the redness and evens out the complexion. I apply roughly a pea sized amount onto all the red areas of my skin which is my forehead, cheeks, chin and nose so pretty much everywhere! Instantly, you can see there’s a difference in the skin. It definitely looks more even and all one tone, it’s great.

I always apply this underneath every base product I put on. Even if I’m not going to wear foundation that day, you can wear it on it’s own which is what I do and you can’t even tell there’s anything on the skin. Underneath make-up it’s perfect, everything sits on top of it really well and I’m convinced this is the product that keeps my make-up in place all day.

I don’t have anything bad to say about this primer, if you suffer redness I’d definitely recommend it. For £19.00 you get 40ml worth of product which is great and since you don’t need a lot, it will last a really long time, even if it’s used daily. I think they sell other primers for correcting other concerns but I can’t seem to find them online at the moment, Clinique’s website confuses me, doesn’t take a lot! Haha.

Have you used this primer? What are your thoughts on it?