Sunday Smoothie Series | The Mango Smoothie

This weeks smoothie is more about a great taste rather than great benefits but it’s a perfect smoothie for mid-morning/mid-afternoon snack. The yoghurt and mango give the smoothie a lovely creamy and it really fills you up!

Week 4 | The Mango Smoothie

2PIN IT! 3PIN IT! 4PIN IT! 5PIN IT! 6PIN IT! 7PIN IT!The yoghurt is also a good source of protein and you can use frozen mango or fresh mango’s, it’s totally up to you. Since it is a thicker smoothie, you may want to add more water depending on personal preference.

I love the flavour of the mango smoothie, it’s extremely refreshing and would also be great on the go as well.

Will you be trying this recipe?



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