Sunday Smoothie Series | The Green Smoothie

When summer starts approaching, I always get the urge to be healthier and to exercise more. With Morocco coming up, I’m striving for that “bikini body” and determined to stick to a new routine. I recently wrote a post about juice cleanses and whether they are worth the hype (you can read the post here if you wish) and I wrote about how smoothies can be incorporated into a healthy diet and not just used alone. I’ve decided to take my own advice and have started making my own smoothies.

I was writing about my blender problems on Twitter, basically I was borrowing a blender, I broke it, bought a knew one, the lid didn’t work so had to exchange it for another one, and finally I have a working one -what a kafuffle! I’ve posted some of my smoothies on Instagram and twitter and people seem to be taking an interest so…

I’ve therefore decided to post a new series on my blog which will feature every Sunday, the Sunday Smoothie Series. Every week I will write a recipe for another smoothie so you can get your smoothies on too! I hope you enjoy this series and please let me know below what you think, good or bad constructive criticism is welcome!

Week 1 | The Green Smoothie

2PIN IT! 3PIN IT! 4PIN IT! 5PIN IT! 6PIN IT! 7PIN IT! 8PIN IT!Not the most appealing colours for a smoothie but it tastes great. You don’t taste the spinach in there at all, it’s the banana that’s the main flavour. I decided to put 1-2 bananas as that is up to you, I’ve tried it with both quantities and personally prefer 1 added banana but with 2 the texture is a lot thicker and the banana flavouring is stronger. It’s a great way to get your 5 fruit and veggies, and it does taste amazing!

P.s – I bought my cup measurements from Asda for £1, bargain ay!?

Will you be trying this smoothie?