Dior Rouge Dior Nude Lipstick – 263 Swan

I’ve had this lipstick for quite a while now and think I featured it in a past monthly favourites and promised a review. I apologise now for being so late with this review but I just had so many different posts that I wanted to share with you and this one ended up taking a back seat. Moving on, let’s talk Dior…

2 Dior Rouge Dior Nude Lipstick - 263 SwanPIN IT!3 Dior Rouge Dior Nude Lipstick - 263 SwanPIN IT!4 Dior Rouge Dior Nude Lipstick - 263 SwanPIN IT! 5 Dior Rouge Dior Nude Lipstick - 263 SwanPIN IT!

My first Dior lipstick *sighs* so beautiful isn’t it? Honestly, I was never attracted to Dior lipsticks before, I had used their DiorSkin BB Creme last year and still love it this year too but I always passed over anything else from the brand, not sure why, overwhelmed maybe? I just had a nosey at a couple of the shades and couldn’t resist the Rouge Dior Nude Lipstick in the shade Swan. I’m not going to start waffling on about the packaging as you can see for yourself it’s beautiful, I love the navy casing and the brand name imprinted into the lipstick itself, so pretty.

The shade itself is a true nude with a definite pink undertone. What I like most is that there’s no shimmer particles at all, sometimes you get tiny ones in it but this doesn’t have any. For me, it’s a “my lips but better” shade and love how this shade can be worn with dark smoky eyes or even for a natural look, it’s really versatile. The formula is so creamy and glides on the lips effortlessly without sitting in any dry patches or cracks. It’s described as a creamy balm with a semi-sheer finish and it’s just that. Feels very light-weight on the lips, not heavy at all. Even when you swatch it on your hands, it’s glossy and hydrating and it’s the exact same on the lips. It’s definitely hydrating on the lips and leaves them feeling soft and nourished, even when it has worn off.

Wear time depends, when I had some food and drink, it came off pretty easily with only a slight hint of colour left but in general, it stays put pretty well, about 2 hours. One thing to note about this line is that there is a distinct fragrance, to me it smells like lavender, how old fashioned make-up used to smell but once it’s on the lips I can’t smell it at all, it’s only applying and if you smell the actual lipstick, which I’m sure most normal people don’t do, haha.

The price for this lipstick is £26.00 which is a hell of a lot, but as a treat it’s nice. Personally, I wouldn’t go out and buy high-end lipsticks willy-nilly as there are great drug-store ones available, but it is a lovely treat now and again and the quality is fab. In the future I hope to get another shade but for now, I love this one and can’t wait to wear it in the summer time for my “no make-up” make-up looks.

Have you tried a Dior lipstick before? What were your thoughts on them?