NEW | Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Range

I had a recent accident in the shower which resulted in me smashing my favourite hair mask at the moment. I didn’t even have a chance to photograph and review it for you but as soon as I have some extra pence, I shall replace it for you and pop up a review. For now I’ve transferred what I could rescue into an old tub.

After that fiasco, I was in Asda with the mothership and it was her that spotted the new Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Range on a 3 for £10.00 deal and thought I’d give them a try. This new line has been developed with Claudia Schiffer and it’s aimed at damaged and depleted hair. I love the look of the packaging, the products definitely look the part in the shower caddy.

I picked up a shampoo which I haven’t tried just yet as I have three on the go in the shower already but it does smell a little funky. A mix between Bailey’s and men’s aftershave, it’s rather strange but I have high hopes of achieving luxurious hair afterwards. Next was a hair mask, since I ombred my hair, it has become a little dry which I expected but it just means I now have to look after it a bit more. This smells a lot like shea butter to me, very nice indeed. It says that it’s a one minute mask which I am intrigued about as most masks are over three minutes so will be interesting to see if it truly does work it’s magic in the advertised time frame. Finally, the BB beauty balm, a beauty balm for your hair, whatever next? It’s described as a 7-in-1 product that helps with restoring split ends, intensive repair and structure rebuild, easy combing, shine, bounce, hydration and all with a weightless effect. Pretty impressive ay? I’ve used this about four times so far and it does leave my hair feeling extremely smooth.

I can’t wait to start putting this line to the test properly soon, just need to finish up a couple of other products first. I’m sure you will be seeing this line on my blog more in the future!

Have you tried anything from this new line? What have been your thoughts on them?




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