YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara

I haven’t reviewed a mascara in a long time, but they have to be one of my favourite make-up products to test out. Just something about finding the perfect mascara to give you the perfect fluttery lashes excites me. I started using this a while ago but I’ve kept putting this review off and you shall find out why.

In the sales after Christmas, I noticed a YSL beauty set that included a make-up bag, a mini Youth Liberator serum, Touché Eclat concealer and the Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious mascara, that name is quite a mouthful. For a couple of weeks I refused to open the box and didn’t even unscrew the lid as I didn’t want to use the mascara up, silly I know but the packaging is just so pretty and I was so in awe of the fact that I finally popped my YSL cherry that I wanted to saver the products.


I finally decided that enough was enough and started to use it. I must have used the product about 3-4 times to start with and absolutely loved the effect. You can see from the above pictures that it made my lashes appear long and separated, I wouldn’t necessarily say my lashes look voluminous but I loved the way they looked afterwards.

My happy high ended pretty quickly though as a couple of days after first opening and using it, it went extremely clumpy, too clumpy to use and it now has a funky smell, so I can only assume it has gone off already which I think is ridiculous. Although it hasn’t dried out, the smell is so strong and that wasn’t there when I first started using it. Luckily I bought it in a set for about £32.00 which makes it ok-ish as Touché Eclat on it’s own is £25.00 so I wasn’t that annoyed however if I had bought it normally at £23.00 I would be fuming right now.

I kept putting this review off as I feel awful writing a disappointing  review on such a much loved brand and it really has altered my opinion on YSL mascaras, I’ve had a couple of other bloggers say they have had the same problem. The only one I do still fancy trying is the YSL Babydoll but I would be worrying everyday if it had gone of yet and if I had wasted my money.

I think it’s fair to say that I was more than a little disappointed with this mascara, and I would say that if you’re in the market for a new mascara, stick to drug-store, I most probably will be.

Have you tried this mascara? What’s your favourite?