A Visit to London | 9.4.14

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that yesterday I visited London with Brent. He wanted a break from work and we both wanted a day trip where we could take advantage of the 2 for 1 offers.

3PIN IT! 4PIN IT! 5PIN IT! 6PIN IT! 7PIN IT! 8PIN IT! 9PIN IT! 10PIN IT! 12PIN IT!Tower Bridge | Big Ben | 3,4 & 5 Inside The Tower of London Wall Walk | White Tower inside The Tower of London | Iron statue of a guard getting his weapon ready | White Tower inside The Tower of London | 1900’s tour guide book and 2010 tour guide book | Smith & Wesson decorated by Tiffany & Co | Inside the grounds of The Tower of London.

We started off the day at The Tower of London, I’ve been here before a few years ago but didn’t get to see a lot of it and Brent had never been so we got our geek on and looked around every part that we could. I love history, I just find it amazing and really enjoyed viewing the Crown Jewels and seeing armour that would have been worn by past Kings, it’s just fascinating. Whilst in The White Tower viewing past fire arms, I saw a display of pretty sparkly guns, sounds odd I know but basically there were four different fire arms that had all been decorated with jewels and gems and I spotted the one pictured above, a Smith & Wesson that had been decorated by Tiffany & Co, off course I had to snap a picture.

Two and a half hours later, we then had a spot of lunch and made our way to the London Bridge Experience and London Tombs. I’ve wanted to go here for years however after getting lost and Google maps telling us the wrong way, we found the place and it just looked really cheesy. There was a man in a “scary” outfit on a small box dancing to Ghost Busters theme tune outside their box office and it just really put me off, so we decided to hop back on the train and go to The London Dungeons instead. It’s recently moved to Westminster and the last time I had been was when I was 13 so 10 years ago and it was at the old site.

Once inside I was really impressed by most of it, I love gruesome history as well and know the Jack the Ripper and the Plague stories inside out and along with all the history and scares here and there, it was really good. The best part though had to be the new ride they have there, it’s only a quick drop ride but it was fun and was a brilliant ending to the day. Originally we were then going to head to the Science and Natural History museum but but the time we got out it was 5:30pm so decided to call it a day and head home.

We will probably be going again next month and will visit the museums then, Harrods and also make a stop at Westfield’s on the way back too.I had a great day with Brent, being a tourist in a city that’s only an hour and a half away from your house is strange but I love it every time I go, the busy streets tire my patience as I know I’m a country gal and could never actually hack it living in London but the visits are always fun.

What’s your favourite site to see in London?



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