Worth The Hype?

I haven’t really come across a whole lot of disappointing products during my beauty crazed fad which is a good thing, however recently I have been left a little underwhelmed by the following and just wanted to share my opinions on them and see whether you think these products are worth the hype. I think all of these products are very well loved in general and I feel a bit of a traitor because I feel I should like them more but I just can’t get passed the slight disappointment that I have for them.

First up is Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, I know everyone including Tanya Burr raves about this and if she likes it I must like it too right? Well no, not this time unfortunately, I didn’t realise it was quite as sparkly as it is. When I first used it I wore it to work, did my make-up, got in the car and looked in the mirror and…well I’ll let you guess the word that came out my mouth because I looked like a disco ball and all day long I felt as though everyone was looking at my sparkly face. I will never wear this to work again however I liked the coverage and therefore will use it for at home or for when I’m not doing a lot.

Next is the cult product Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, this isn’t a total disappointment really, I just use it differently to everyone else. You’re supposed to use it on a face full of make-up and let the the product dissolve it all and then wipe it off with a muslin cloth, I bought this bottle in a blog sale so I didn’t get a cloth with it so I used one I already had – Gemma sent me another bottle with the proper cloth so I will see how it works then, thank you Gem! I have to say, applying a cream cleanser to a face full of make-up is slightly absurd and takes some getting used to however I found it didn’t remove my eye make-up very well at all, or my face make-up for that matter and my skin didn’t feel too great afterwards. I also really dislike the eucalyptus scent, I feel as though I’m applying Olbas Oil to my face. Saying that, I have found that using it at the very end of my shower does leave my face incredibly soft, I think it’s because the hot water and steam has opened my pores and once I use it, my face is thoroughly cleansed so I do like it in that sense, plus in the shower the scent isn’t as strong either.

Finally, I have wanted to try the Yes to Cucumber face wipes for a long time now and when I saw them in Waitrose at 25% off I decided it was time to give them a try. They are described as soothing as they contain aloe vera and are supposed to be good at removing make-up too. I must say they do remove make-up really well and the towlettes are quite strong which is good as they don’t fall apart however they cause my skin to go bright red and sting which I know isn’t a good sign at all. Although they are supposed to be soothing, they really didn’t work for me however I still want to try their Yes to Carrots range.

It’s a shame I didn’t love these products as much as everyone else, I will keep using the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish in the shower as I found it works incredibly well for me like that, I have another hot cloth cleanser that works wonders for me normally which I will be reviewing soon for you all.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you think they are worth the hype?



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