Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara

Sorry I have’t posted in a really long time, I’ve been very busy at my new job with lots of overtime already and my sister is home at the moment for her birthday and we’ve been busy little bees. I’ve helped her set up a fashion blog as her wardrobe is ridiculous, so many lovely things, so keep an eye out that!

2 Covergirl Clump CrusherPIN IT! 3 Covergirl Clump CrusherPIN IT! 4 Covergirl Clump CrusherPIN IT!I’ve had the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara sitting in my vanity since I received it in a beauty swap with Cassidy a while back now. I have a weird obsession with mascaras and have a little collection of un-opened ones but decided I would open this one as I’ve wanted to try it in so long.

I love the bright green packaging, it’s so easy to pick out in my vanity or make-up bag. The first thing I noticed was the comb style wand which I never used to like but recently have started to like them more and more and from the first use I have loved this mascara so much. Brown or black mascara, I’m never really bothered about the colour as my lashes are so dark anyway, brown doesn’t even show up.

Sweeping this comb through my lashes coated every single teeny tiny lash from the root to the very tip. I wiggle the brush at the roots of my lashes which helps coat them really well and it was so easy to create full cul lashes that are beautifully separated. Although this mascara isn’t made to create thick voluminous lashes, it does make them look super pretty and natural. It also coats the bottom lashes nicely and makes them separate too without looking too fake as you can see from the pictures above. I did notice that my lashes didn’t hold their curl for very long however the formula is so thin, it’s easy to apply a second coat without any clumps or crunchiness. Like the name suggests, Clump Crusher there never seems to be any clumps for me. Some mascaras appear thick, crispy, flaky and sometimes even smudge but this mascara doesn’t do any of those things.

I love this formula a lot and I will be so upset when this mascara runs out. I really wish Covergirl was available in the UK and although I’ve heard that Max Factor is our Covergirl, I just don’t feel it. If you can get your hands on this mascara, I highly recommend it, especially if you like your lashes soft and fluttery.

Which mascara is your favourite?